RRC-24 Empowering Latin American Artists Through Art

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:postal_horn: Abstract

Empowering Latin American Artists Through Art with Happ3n XYZ and RARIBLE. A Movement for Social Change Art for Impact [AFI]

:carousel_horse: Motivation

This proposal aims to outline a strategy to incorporate Latin American artists into RARIBLE. By targeting this region, we aim to encourage artists to foster cultural exchange and take advantage of Latin America’s vibrant artistic community. Through strategic outreach, initiatives on the adoption of RARIBLE and an incubation program where we aim to create a welcoming environment for Latin American artists, teach them the advantages of RARIBLE, its use, display and monetize their work through the sale of their NFTs on RARIBLE and encourage them about using the RARI Chain.

:fountain: Rationale

This proposal is about union that’s why Happ3n enter to the LATAM scene to make a bridge with this artists and RARIBLE.

  • Cultural Enrichment:
    Latin America is home to a diverse array of artistic traditions, ranging from indigenous crafts to contemporary visual art. By welcoming Latin American artists onto our platform, we can celebrate and preserve this cultural heritage while fostering cross-cultural dialogue and appreciation.

  • Economic Empowerment:
    Many artists in Latin America struggle to make a sustainable income from their work due to limited access to global markets and traditional financial infrastructure. By embracing NFT technology, we can provide artists with a new avenue for monetization, enabling them to reach a global audience and retain greater control over the sale and distribution of their creations.

  • Market Expansion:

    By tapping into the vibrant artistic community in Latin America, we can expand our user base and attract new collectors and investors who are interested in discovering and supporting emerging talent from the region. This expansion will not only benefit individual artists but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our NFT marketplace as a whole.

:unicorn: Key Terms

Happ3n is a hybrid SocialFi + GameFi platform identifying the necessity to organize the chaos of events and content related to Web3 that emerged daily between platforms such as X, Whatsapp, Zoom, Telegram, Discord, Twitch, among others. So we saw an opportunity to bring a functional solution for identified users as communities, creators and users.

Happ3n provides a safe, streamlined space for event promotion and connection. Users can enjoy and stay informed, while event creators gain valuable metrics about their community audiences and get in NFT Art, Rewards, Badges and premium features.

Our 1.0 version is currently active and launched in Sep 2023 in a first phase to the Spanish-speaking market to validate our idea (MVP) since we faithfully believe that there is continuous unexplored growth in those regions of the world. But now in this 1.5 version we are growing to every corner

Despite community onboarding challenges, Happ3n is spearheaded by 2 women committed to expanding Web3 & Tech access through relatable events in Web3 & Tech. It is a project that we bet will be the way to make a bridge between Web2 and Web3. Bringing events to a new wave of people wanting to get into Web3 and not knowing where to do it or what communities they can trust.

Web: https://happ3n.xyz

:cd: Specifications

Sohobiit is a renowned figure in the Latin American NFT community, having previously organized experiments to support artists on a smaller scale. (Link to NFTanda 3.0)

A significant portion of the research aimed at identifying primary centers of artistic activity has already been completed.

Here are some of the statistics observed during previous experiments:

[All these are ideas of numbers that can support our case]

  • Chart with active NFT artists per country in LATAM
  • Numbers of active traditional artists that have indicated interest in jumping into the crypto scene
  • Numbers from the previous “NFTanda”: duration, participants, artwork in #s, participants, buy & sell #s.

We aim to further advance the initial concept of NFTanda in Latin America. Our objective is not only to encourage artists to embrace the RARI Chain to grasp its advantages but also to raise awareness about Rari among non-artists.

A highly significant result of endorsing this grant would be that once the return on investment (ROI) for Rarible is validated, this initiative can evolve into a recurring process that can be replicated in other communities.

Also we gonna use the Happ3n Site Tecnology, RARIBLE site, RARI CHAIN or Some L2 Chain.

:candy: Steps to Implement

Action Plan for Developing an Art Contest called ‘Ronda NFT’ This will be implemented making a smart strategy to get some quick results as a pilot of a possible contest that can be held annually, connecting artists, expanding the RARI brand and rewarding creators as well as updating this art niche with new proposals, artistic and technological trends that emerge.

Milestone TL;DR: Deadline (post-grant approval)
Define Objectives Promote this program between Happ3n & RARI with LATAM artists and community 2 weeks
Identify Participants Reach out to interested artists from the Latin American region to participate in the NFT Round. Promote diversity in artistic styles origins and techniques. 2 weeks
Promotion and Outreach Launch a promotional campaign to publicize Ronda NFT. Have a form to create an audience and connections on important social channels in Latin America, a series of x spaces and dissemination through Happ3n. 2.5 weeks
Select time Invite a jury to curate the works they applied 1.5 Weeks
Curation Make a curation of all the participants in this 1st edition 2 Weeks
Exposure Artworks Happ3n is closing a partnership with an IRL Gallery in Mérida (MX) we want to make an exposition there to expand Digital NFT Art in the community and of course let the audience know about the artists and their work. 2 weeks (Fridays & Saturdays)
Social Campaign · 1 X space with the community and inviting RARI · Several Tweets · 1 YouTube live interviewing selected artists from the ‘Ronda NFT’ 2 weeks
Facilitate Engagement Encourage interaction and feedback between artists and attendees. Provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sales of artworks, potentially through the Rarible platform. This can also kickstart a globalization strategy for Rarible, beginning with the Spanish-speaking community. 2 weeks
Evaluate and Iterate Gather feedback from participants and stakeholders to evaluate the success of the Ronda NFT. Identify areas for improvement and consider adjustments for future iterations. 2 weeks
Extend Impact Explore opportunities to expand the reach and impact of the Ronda NFT beyond its duration. Consider connecting artists with opportunities available in RARI: ecosystem growth fund, creator fund, etc. 1.5 weeks

By implementing these steps, we can establish RARIBLE as a leading destination for artists in Latin America, unlocking new opportunities for cultural exchange, economic empowerment, and creative expression.

We’d also like to emphasize that to fully leverage the potential impact of this campaign, we would greatly appreciate RARI DAO’s support in amplifying some of our content and campaigns, either through the grants program or as a DAO initiative.

:clapper: Timeline

about 3 or 3.5 months

:dna: History

Latin America stands out in art for its vast cultural wealth, ranging from pre-Columbian civilizations to contemporary currents, reflecting a unique mix of indigenous, European, African and Asian influences. This cultural diversity translates into a wide range of styles and themes in the region’s artwork, providing an enriching and distinctive experience.

Digital platforms like Rarible offer Latin American artists the opportunity to expand their global reach, connecting with a broader audience and participating in an international market. This democratization of access to art, facilitated by technology and social networks, provides new possibilities for the marketing and distribution of digital works, allowing Latin America to contribute significantly to the global artistic landscape in the 21st century.

:mage:t2: Overall Cost

We will use the budget to ensure that the ‘NFT Round’ is a complete success in:

· Management.
· Advertising & Graphics.
· Art Awards.
· Team Bonuses.

For that we will be actively working, 3 members of Happ3n and 2 Art curators.

Also we want to reward the top 3 artist with more sells on RARI and their time:

1st place: $200
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100

Budget $8.5K

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I believe its a great and affordable proposal :slight_smile:
The most notable artist i know from LATAM is Panter Xhita, she might be a great addition to this concept.

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I’ve talked several times with @sohobiit about this project. I like that one of the goals is to make this a replicable framework that can be deployed in other regions.

I’d love to learn more about

  • how will the impact be measured, and on what time basis?
  • lessons learned (good and bad) from your previous experimentation
  • How many artists are you targeting, and what is their motivation to participate aside from the prizes?

while rewards may attract mercenaries, offering strong incentives will be a game changer for the success of this project.

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It’s a very important idea about this proposal, we want the beta phase to be experienced in LATAM and be replicable throughout the world. We are a continent that likes challenges and being able to be part of this beta seems very cool to me.

  1. The impact will be measured within 3 months of this first phase being carried out as a beta.
    Just like the NFTanda where 10 artists participated and we did multiple X Spaces where each artist presented their work. NFTanda Link data & PoW. (In this NFTanda we buy art from the artists themselves)

  2. Regarding the learning curve, both good and bad, it is important not only to document it but also to transmit it to future communities that want to carry out a Round, since this will also dictate how each region is shaped and how they adopt it.

  3. In this first phase we are targeting about 15-20 artists, the motivation is to enter the phygital world of art through us (RARIBLE & Happ3n) to an art exhibition of their pieces IRL, knowing their works in this first generation will be something important in your career and as an experience.
    As well as a reason for entry to make RARIBLE known to the people we invite to the art gallery and they can become collectors of NFT Art in front of them

We would like to make a gamification system for part 2 of this experiment, have more artist and have more expansion, however, as you say, Jaf, we want to have metrics that tell us to sustain this and come up with something tangible, in terms of calling for Latinx artists, art pieces and giving to Knowing RARIBLE as the potential marketplace that supports Latin culture would be the 3 pillars that we would be playing as main for this prop.

We have to break the mental mold and the barriers that exist outside, and leave them outside. Let Web3 be as immense as we dream, in addition to being able to decentralize many things, including art, and provide opportunities where there have never been before.

[AFI] 🩵 Art For Impact :zap:


Thanks for the propsal!
The specific steps are well described and this could a very nice initiative.

Agree with @Jaf that it would be beneficial to have some evaluation afterwards. And I would encourage the collaboration with the RARI team for marketing etc.


I also like this proposal. What I would like to see is not only reporting lessons learned that @Jaf mentioned, but also best practices from this LATAM project that can help build a template to encourage projects in other under-utilized geo locations.


[quote=“sohobiit, post:1, topic:1960”]

Overall Cost

We will use the budget to ensure that the ‘NFT Round’ is a complete success in:

· Management.
· Advertising & Graphics.
· Art Awards.
· Team Bonuses.

For that we will be actively working, 3 members of Happ3n and 2 Art curators.

Also we want to reward the top 3 artist with more sells on RARI and their time:

1st place: $200
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100

Budget $8.5K

Can you provide more details and a breakdown of costs of the budget for these categories that you mention (management, advertising & graphics, and team bonuses)?