RARI DAO Weekly Highlights - June 24-30, 2024

Weekly Highlights

  • Ecosystem working group
  • RARI Chain
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1 & Sprint #2
  • Events
  • Community call agenda for July 2, 2024
  • Posted: Q1 Transparency Report Summary to forum
  • RARI Delegate Gas Reimbursement (Claim window open June 19-July 19, 2024)
  • Delegate Incentives (priority topic)
  • Ongoing governance discussions

Ecosystem Highlights

  • Ecosystem working group
    • For those interested, please join the telegram group and start contributing ideas, as the Foundation is kicking off conversations next week. More to come in the next community call!
  • RARI Chain
    • Stargate V2 bridging live - Hydra USDC and USDT
    • API3 Oracle is now available for dApps building on RARI Chain. The first builders on RARI Chain are eligible for a free tier of API3 oracle services
    • Deri Perpetuals governance proposal - voting is live here - check out the announcement and proposal for RARI Chain to be the next Deri i-Chain which will enable seamless margin, options and futures trading for all users
    • Kicking off a campaign for DeFi Week in Q3. The aim is to raise awareness and drive adoption of RARI Chain by highlighting use cases with existing partners to educate and grow the community. Ultimately, the goal is re-establishing relevance for the chain, showcasing how it can create financial opportunities for users. More to come in the next community call on how to get involved!
    • RARI Foundation is actively communicating with dApp builders exploring NFT use cases: SocialFi dApps, gamedev studio to build mini apps on RARI Chain on Telegram, Floor and the likes (NFT portfolio trackers)
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1 & Sprint #2
    • RRC-25 Lock-up revision for Ecosystem Grants: executed!
      • With RRC-25 in place Grants Committee decides on the $RARI lockup period case-by-case until the grant project is completed, plus, it removes a lock-up after full project delivery.
    • Grants Program Sprint #1: Agreements and KYC is ongoing. Co-marketing planning has started.
    • Working through the details for Sprint #2: exploring opportunities for joint grant programs with other ecosystems that Rarible protocol already supports
  • Events

DAO Highlights

What’s next

  • Community call July 2, 2024. Please comment if you want to include anything on the agenda
  • US-based Foundation members will be out of office in observance of Independence Day on the following dates: Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5, 2024
  • RARI Delegate Gas Reimbursement open from now through July 19, 2024 for verified claims!
  • Delegate incentives program
    • Conversation kicked off by Jengajojo’s forum post: [Discussion] Empower active delegates. Contribute to the conversation for ways to maintain your delegate status with RARI! Keeping in mind the upcoming governance upgrade. This will be discussed in the July 2, 2024 community call

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