RARI DAO Weekly Highlights - May 13-19, 2024

Weekly Highlights

  • RARI Chain
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1
  • RARI Rewards
  • Q1 Reporting in progress for early May
  • Protocol updates
  • Ongoing forum discussions

Ecosystem Highlights

  • RARI Chain
    • Ongoing partnership conversations with consumer and DeFi dApps
      • Bridged USDC standard supported on RARI Chain to be announced soon
      • Arbitrum bridge update will allow bridging assets from L1s to RARI Chain directly
      • Retrobridge RARI Chain deployment
      • IceCreamSwap deployment
    • Events
      • NYC BTC Pizza Day with PizzaDAO - May 22 with the following sponsors:
        • Stand With Crypto
        • RARI Chain
        • Rarible
        • Public Nouns
        • PurpleDAO
        • GM Farcaster
        • POAP
        • Unlonely
        • Dora
        • Hedgey
        • Metaliminal
        • Greenpill NYC
        • FCNY
        • Silverside
        • gaianet.ai
      • Commissioning 4 pieces of pizza art from various artists to be minted on RARI Chain & Rarible with other live art activations still cooking in the oven during the event
      • Pizza day is happening in +150 cities worldwide this year, check if there is an event by you!
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1
    • Final grants negotiation (grant amount $ and project milestones) in progress with the following projects:
      • Candidate 1 - Leading coin tracker website suggested to create an ecosystem page for RARI Chain dApps and add RARI Chain to its new feature allowing members of community to mint NFT and forward NFT to 14 supported EVM chains.
        Moreover, the team showed interest in creating a page tracking popular NFT collections and powering it by Rarible API.
      • Candidate 2 - Infrastructure for loyalty programs powered by web3 comes to Rarible Protocol and RARI Chain. Collaborated with the Sandbox Game, and getting 80-90k MAUs for their infra. They want to build complete functionality so that any brand/creator/NFT collection can deploy on Rari chain with near-zero effort.
      • Candidate 3 - The project supports a portable reputation for DAO contributors using NFTs as proof of work. The project will create identity protocol on RARI chain as a use case to mark the achievements of DAO contributors and make them serve as an immutable resume.
      • Candidate 4 - The project represents a public good designed to preserve NFT data in decentralized, verifiable Filecoin storage. The use case is to come to RARI Chain and support RARI Chain NFTs’ storage in a decentralized manner.
      • Candidate 5 - No code NFT drops for Farcaster Frames. Add an image, choose a chain, choose parameters, add gas, paste in your link to Farcaster.
      • Candidate 6 - A go-to free NFT launchpad that simplifies the process of introducing your unique collection to the digital world would like to come to RARI Chain. The use case falls into creator tooling category and aims to support artists with simplified NFT creation and launch.
  • RARI Rewards
    • RARI Rewards working group kick-off Monday, May 20. Invites pending to Forexus, Dzonson and Firefly.
    • Extended through the end of May: Claim your Galxe rewards. Link to claim.

DAO Highlights

  • Q1 Reporting in progress for early May
    • Finalizing and close to being ready to share with the community
  • Protocol updates
    • Resuming other technical workstreams in May with Eugene
      • Moving DAO from L1 to L2 or L3?
      • Multichain governance
      • RARI Chain sequencer revenue and the subtreasury setup

Governance Discussions In Progress

What’s next

  • Event planning
    • Planning a side event for NFC Lisbon - May 28-30
  • Q2 Goals & Roadmap updates
  • Strategy sessions on RARI Ecosystem

Hey, @addie, these updates are super helpful :fire:

It would be great if there were a demo session for the projects that will receive grants from Sprint #1