RARI DAO Weekly Highlights - May 20-26, 2024

Weekly Highlights

  • RARI ecosystem dev content
  • RARI Chain
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1
  • RARI Rewards
  • Q1 Reporting in progress for early May
  • Protocol updates
  • Ongoing forum discussions

Ecosystem Highlights

  • Brainstorm: RARI ecosystem dev use cases & content - Monday, May 20
    • Participation from RARI Foundation, Rarible, and DAO stakeholders including: Jana, Alex, Eugene, Addie, Forexus, Dzonson, Stephen, and Xenia S
    • Focus: 8-10 content areas to help devs build with RARI Chain and Rarible protocol
  • RARI Chain
    • NYC Bitcoin Pizza Day by RARI Chain x PizzaDAO x Stand With Crypto x Rarible
      • Socials
      • Event happenings (more content pending)
        • Nearly 400 attendees throughout the evening!
          • Worldwide over 10k attendees in over 200 locations
        • NFT art gallery of pizza art minted on RARI Chain
        • Live painting with Alyssa Stevens, sponsored by Nouns
        • E-sports gaming by Nouns
        • Raffle by POAP
    • Events
    • Ongoing partnership conversations with consumer and DeFi dApps
      • Revolut will add RARI token
      • Camelot
      • Big Web2 brand in Entertainment - collaboration with Rarible and RARI Chain
      • RetroBridge
      • Stargate bridge for USDC and USDT
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1
    • Contracting 4 finalists & announcement end of May
    • Lock up period - DAO input required!
      • Suggestion came from Ecosystem Growth Fund to make a question of lockup period removal for Sprint #1 for offchain voting
    • Working through the details for Sprint #2
  • RARI Rewards
    • Brainstorm: RARI Rewards working group: Upcoming Thursday, June 6. DAO participation from Forexus, Dzonson and Firefly.
    • Extended through the end of May: Claim your Galxe rewards. Link to claim.

DAO Highlights

  • Community call deck from May 21, 2024
  • Q1 Reporting in progress for early May
    • Finalizing and close to being ready to share with the community
  • Protocol updates
    • Resuming other technical workstreams in May with Eugene
      • Moving DAO from L1 to L2 or L3?
      • Multichain governance
      • RARI Chain sequencer revenue and the subtreasury setup

Governance Discussions In Progress

  • Tally
  • Forum
  • Drafts in progress (not yet on forum)
    • Protocol fee switch proposal in progress with StableLab. Close to being ready for forum pending final details from RARI Foundation and Rarible on development needs.
    • Legacy treasury vote:
      1. Legacy Wallet Tokens: There are unclaimed airdrop tokens in our legacy wallet.
      2. Reclaiming & Repurposing: We’ll initiate a proposal on the forum in two weeks, inviting token holders to retrieve their tokens.
      3. Vote: Once approved by the DAO, recipients can claim their tokens. Any unclaimed tokens will be available to be repurposed to fuel activities within our ecosystem fund.
      4. Reserve for Future Claims: To accommodate future claims, we’ll allocate 25% of unclaimed tokens to a reserve.
  • Early governance discussions
    • Addie and @coffecrusher to meet Friday, May 24 to discuss Nance.app to automate and incentivize governance

What’s next

  • NFC Lisbon next week!
  • Strategy sessions on RARI Ecosystem
  • Addie OOO next week. Masha will post the Thursday update for May 30, 2024