RCC-XX: Pulse of Creation – Shaping the Future of Crypto Artistry

RCC-XX: Pulse of Creation – Shaping the Future of Crypto Artistry


This proposal seeks to establish a unique guild dedicated to championing crypto artists within the web3 space, an initiative aimed at transforming how digital art is perceived and valued globally. Unlike existing platforms that sporadically cover crypto art, our approach is to create a persistent and engaging media presence that celebrates these artists continuously, akin to the legendary cultural impact once achieved by MTV for musicians. By leveraging existing infrastructure such as Rarible and integrating with social media channels, this guild will provide a robust platform for artist spotlights, live art showcases, and educational content, promoting deeper, ongoing engagement with the art and its creators.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of web3, the artistic contributions of crypto artists have become a cornerstone of digital culture, yet their visibility and recognition remain significantly underrepresented. Traditional media coverage of the blockchain space is overwhelmingly dominated by market fluctuations, token launches, and technological advancements, often overshadowing the vibrant and diverse artistry that thrives within this ecosystem.

Our vision is to create a guild that not only highlights these artists but also nurtures their development and fosters a deeper connection between the artists and their audiences. Imagine a platform where crypto artists are not just featured but are celebrated as the rock stars of the digital age, with their work and stories showcased in a manner that captures the essence of their creativity and innovation.


This proposal directly addresses the significant gap in continuous and dedicated support for crypto artists within the web3 space. Despite the burgeoning interest in digital art and blockchain technology, crypto artists frequently find themselves without a stable platform that supports the full spectrum of their creative journey. The existing sporadic coverage fails to capture the ongoing narratives of these artists, often overshadowed by the technical and financial aspects of the crypto world. By establishing this guild, we aim to provide a permanent home where artists are not only showcased but are given the resources and community support necessary to thrive. This initiative will empower artists to maintain their visibility, engage with audiences on a deeper level, and contribute more significantly to the cultural landscape of the digital age. It’s about creating a legacy where crypto art is not a fleeting curiosity but a vital part of the global art scene, recognized and revered for its innovation and creativity.

Steps to Implement

  1. Establishment of a Board of Delegates and Foundation Team:
  • Composition: Form a new board consisting of five members, including 3 to 4 delegates with expertise in crypto art, media, and community engagement, and 1 to 2 foundation team members who will provide governance and administrative support.

  • Responsibilities: The board will oversee major strategic decisions, manage the implementation and sustainability of guild activities, and ensure alignment with the broader mission. They will also manage external relations and develop partnerships.

  • Selection Process: Initiate an open nomination process within the community to propose candidates for the board. Final selections will be made based on community input and foundational criteria to ensure a balanced and effective leadership team.

  1. Multisig Setup: Establish a 3/5 multisig wallet for guild operations to ensure that financial decisions are secured and require consensus among the board members.


  • Phase 1 - Pre-launch and Setup (0-3 Months):

  • Establish the legal and governance framework for the guild.

  • Begin initial platform integration and development with Rarible and other social media channels.

  • Start recruitment for key guild positions and initial artist collaborators.

  • Phase 2 - Launch and Initial Operation (4-6 Months):

  • Officially launch the platform with initial artist spotlights and educational content.

  • Implement the first series of live sessions and community events.

  • Kick off the marketing and outreach campaigns to build awareness and grow the audience.

  • Phase 3 - Expansion and Growth (7-12 Months):

  • Evaluate the initial feedback and adapt the content and community strategies as needed.

  • Expand the range of interactive features and community-driven projects.

  • Scale up the operations to include more artists and diversify the types of content and events offered.

  • Ongoing:

  • Continuously monitor platform performance and community engagement.

  • Iterate on content and features based on artist and community feedback.

  • Regularly update stakeholders and the RARI Foundation on progress and milestones achieved.

Funding and Budget

  • Overall Costs: 257,500 RARI

  • 12-month Guild Budget: 250,000 RARI

  • Operational Costs: 7,500 RARI allocated to the proposer for their work in organizing and designing this program.

Target Wallet Address for Funding Submission

To be provided upon proposal submission.


This guild will revolutionize how crypto artists are perceived and engaged with in the web3 space. By focusing on continuous artist celebration and deep community interaction, we aim to create a lasting cultural shift that places art at the forefront of the digital realm. The support from the RARI Foundation will not only help launch this initiative but will also sustain its growth, ensuring that the vibrancy of crypto art continues to thrive and inspire.


What’s the strategy for capitalizing on this business model? How do we plan to replenish the millions of bucks taken from treasury with revenue generated from these investments in the long term? While supporting artists is essential, pursuing such an aggressive approach seems irrational to me.

My main concern is the targeted audience for this campaign. Currently, individuals engaging in web3 and purchasing tokens solely for art are outliers. Having been in this space for quite some time, I’ve encountered many people, and it’s evident that only a small fraction are willing to spend significant amounts on digital assets purely for artistic value.

People are drawn to web3 for two primary reasons: community involvement (memes, exploring new technologies) and financial gain (trading, investing, etc.). This can be easily observed by analyzing the market itself; there isn’t a widespread demand as implied in the proposal.

Recent discussions have highlighted the failure of similar approaches, notably with Rari’s recent programs like the Galxe campaign and Rari reward program. Millions were invested in marketing, yet organic traffic failed to materialize, resulting in significant losses and a stagnant Rari chain. We have a situation right now where Rari chain is dead, no one is buying that stuff. We have 0 volume and 0 reasons for users to come to Rari chain.

We must reconsider our approach. Instead of focusing solely on individual artworks, we should bring forth compelling projects, memes, and decentralized applications (dapps) to Rari. I recommend studying the strategies employed by rapidly growing chains like Base & Blast, which offer a fundamentally different approach than what is proposed here.

This proposal seems disconnected from the current market landscape and risks depleting our treasury without delivering meaningful results. Consequently, I oppose this proposal.


My vision is to create a platform like Bankless, CoinDesk, or Decrypt, but instead of focusing on the financial aspect of cryptocurrencies my aim is to create something similar but with a strong focus on art—both digital and traditional. Think something like Rolling Stone in the 70’s or MTV in the 80’s but today’s Web3 version. This proposal seeks only to create and fund the guild operations for the first year. Operational details will be up to the board to hash out after their creation.

Regarding financial sustainability, I understand the importance of establishing a viable business model. The Board should consider several revenue streams to support this initiative such as:

  • Subscription Fees: Offering premium content that provides deeper insights and exclusive updates, which could be appealing to dedicated art enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Commissions on Art Sales: Facilitating sales through the platform could generate commissions, creating a direct revenue link to the success of the artists we feature.

  • Sponsorships and Partnerships: Collaborating with art institutions and tech companies could bring in sponsorship revenue, as well as partnerships that could offer mutual benefits, such as technology integration or event co-hosting.

  • Hosting Virtual Art Exhibitions and Live Events: These events can provide engaging content for our subscribers and opportunities for ticket sales, further promoting our artists and generating income.

  • Merchandising: Selling digital collectibles and artist-designed merchandise could also serve as an additional revenue stream.

I agree past rari rewards programs have done nothing but attract farmers. Handing out coins just attracts people in it for the money. I’m looking to devolp a media platform that connects artists and their fans in a way nobody is currently doing.


Also what kind of things are Base and Blast doing that you would like to see implemented on Rari Chain.


Thanks for initiating this conversation @Firefly808

I like the high level idea, but I also believe that given the funding ask its critical to provide a more detailed breakdown of how the funds will be utilized. I lean towards incremental approaches, beginning with a smaller funding allocation that can expand alongside the project’s success.

Moreover, this proposal is another good avenue for how we can drive user engagement and transactions on Rari Chain. It’s a topic we’ve been discussing extensively from various perspectives for months now. Even I suggested forming a Working Group some time ago but failed to follow through (my apologies).

It’s time we join forces and establish a WG to brainstorm strategies and everything that comes with it.

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Hey @Firefly808, while I see this proposal’s value in bringing more attention to digital artists, I think the initial proposal should be based on scoping how much value this guild could bring to RARI.

For this guild to truly be successful, aka the MTV for digital artists, you would have to cover digital artists across all platforms; at this point, it doesn’t make much sense for the RARI Foundation to bear the funding cost requested. A much better approach would be a request for funding to bring the spotlight to artists on Rarible/RARI Chain, and grow the guild through funding from other platforms to feature their artists.

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remembering the goals and principles of empowering space for artists and the community.

additional landscape of storytelling works, in what form ?

this goal is very good. However, to achieve sales after being released to the public, you must be able to collaborate with the APE community.

because there you can be helped by the community [when the work is launched to the public]

I tried to understand in 1 day.

perhaps the proposal in question is like the beginning of BAYC.

building a community-based product name.

in 1 community name brings in independent artists.

if it is in the early stages and the project has a landscape on storytelling [it is likely] the value will be high and get media/viral attention if it includes culture/learning.

to grow into global markets. it would be nice after the initial phase of collaborating with the APE Community

Why does the APE community support landscapes like this? which will be highly volhating there are many communities that can help with the contribution that rarible X APE has

will be 3 impacts

  1. on the Rarible platform
  2. DAO are Rari
  3. Token Rari

like a few years ago.
The OpenSea platform is in the spotlight, many people print there.
the profits of new entrants are very high even though new entrants print their important identity so clearly that they do not know what NFT is.
[ Opensea profits suddenly increased significantly from the fee of a fraction of % ]

but that’s not the platform responsibility, it was their fault at the time. flocked to buy SOL token. in a 3 week period became the highest network transaction on sol mint NFT.

and Rari token will be a purchase target for traders/investors.

they don’t care what the purpose of the token is. the most important thing is because it is a trend and uniqueness.

according to my analysis it will happen.

I’m new here and want to learn and join in the discussion. As well as sharing knowledge in your free time.

The 2021-2022 period is currently quite hot in the world of NFT art.

  1. Instagram meta at that time supported the NFT sales feature on its platform. (summer trend)

But now ( ? ) part of the future strategy that web3 might focus on is discontinued.

Or will any of them continue the concept in the NFT art landscape?

such as the innovative blockchain project meta[diem] which continues with ex meta. Sui/aptos (moving)

Both may have different goals.

Present condiition.

  1. Why is CZ binance currently focusing on educational buildings ( ? )

  2. Current market trends are dominated by AI and memes.

  3. Why the APE community continues to support storytelling. Games and NFTs

  4. Solana (metaplex core) launches a new initiative in NFT minting

  5. APE Community several months ago collaborated with the Magic Eden platform.

What the reason behind all of this ( ? )

Is there a new business model ?

Augmented Reality Virtual Ecommerce Economy Business

NFT art will live forever.

Perhaps the artist you are referring to failed to achieve Rarible’s goals

But this is not a permanent failure for the Rari chain that supported this initiative in the past.

It’s just that the current situation is being dominated by the meme trend.

Which makes the work of independent artists in rarible as stated 0 transactions.

It’s just not yet.

In my opinion, it’s because they don’t have relationships with other communities and don’t voice their work (promotion).

NFTs, storytelling, education + in game

There will be a pump after the current market condition phase.

maybe not this time but it may take the next 5 years to climb back into the landscape like NFTs etc.

I also support that the prior comments regarding this being a large ask that needs to demonstrate justification on how it will be 1) self sufficient/self funding and 2) creating revenue for the DAO. I don’t see these details in the current proposal.

My recommendation is to focus on a three month MVP project, instead of a year, setting specific measurable goals, and a recommendation outcome to potentially expand the project.

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