RRC-XX Implementing a RARI Protocol Fee

Requesting Community Feedback

This post is meant to start a community discussion regarding directing Rarible Protocol fees to the treasury.

Below is a basic outline of what a protocol fee proposal would look like. This proposal will be updated to reflect community feedback once the specifics of the fee structure have been thoroughly discussed by the community.

Important questions to consider.

  1. What should the fee be?
  2. Currently a flat fee is proposed to test out the fee switch mechanism. SHould we eventually move to a tiered fee structure?
  3. How else can the DAO improve the fee system to create long-term sustainability of the DAO and improve user alignment of the RARI Protocol?


This proposal suggests altering the Rarible protocol’s fee structure to create a protocol fee of 0.5%. The revenue generated from this fee would all go to the RARI DAO treasury. This will enhance the DAO’s financial resources and create more alignment between users and the DAO.


Implementing a fee structure that directs fee revenue will help bolster the sustainibility of the RARI DAO. It will also create more autonomy for the RARI DAO as the DAO will not have to rely on external capital and will instead have more resources available to fund DAO initiatives. This will help with the progressive decentrilization of the DAO and make the DAO stronger for the future.


The proposal aligns with RARI DAO’s mission of broadening the NFT use case horizon by creating a creator-centric and fully decentralized robust ecosystem. By channeling revenue to the DAO treasury, it enhances the financial stability and resilience of the protocol, enabling further development, community initiatives, and long-term sustainability. This helps to address the Long term sustainability of the DAO, which is one of the three core values of the RARI DAO.


Since the protocol’s contracts are fully controlled by the DAO, the on-chain Tally proposal can automatically update the fee structure using Tally’s executable code feature.

The proposed fee would be 0.5%. 100% of the Protocol Fees will be sent to the RARI DAO treasury to help bolster the autonomy and long-term sustainability of the RARI DAO.

Steps to Implement

  • DAO discusses appropriate fee structures.
  • Tally proposal is created with executable code to update fee structure and direct revenue to the DAO automatically
  • Implement new order version with enabled protocol fees


  • 1 week for the DAO to decide on fee structure and provide opinions on the proposal
  • 1 week for Tally vote
  • Time for the protocol team to implement new order version with enabled protocol fees
  • Upon the passing of the Tally vote, the contracts will automatically be upgraded to reflect the new fees and direct said fees to the DAO treasury

Overall Cost

There is no cost associated with this proposal.


Hey @Matt_StableLab, could you give more detail on what the protocol fee is and which part of the protocol it is derived from?

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@Matt_StableLab currently in Exchange contract there are 2 types of protocol fees: seller fee (will be taken from the seller) and buyer fee (buyer will pay more then).
These fees can be controlled separately, there are 2 fields which we can control.

So need to figure out how to configure 2 fees: should every part be 0.25% then?

More information is here: protocol-contracts/projects/transfer-manager/contracts/RaribleTransferManager.md at master · rarible/protocol-contracts · GitHub


Are there examples from other chains regarding protocol fees? Would be interested in their experiences. And is it just for NFT trades, or for transactions in general?

I do think 0.5% is manageable, and would rather support a flat fee, to stay simple. The Tally feature to directly implement the fees on-chain sounds cool.

Would the generated fees benefit the DAO treasury in general? Maybe the fee would be better accepted if there was a specific cause determined, e.g. the generated fees will be used to support builders on the chain or incentives for users.