Call for Delegates!

NB: Don’t forget to include you address or ENS domain name! Your application won’t be accepted without it!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a RARI Foundation governance delegate! Please read the requirements below and make sure to submit a complete application. If you have any questions, please head over to RARI Foundation Discord.

The goal is to assemble a lean but engaged governance board qualified in economics, product, finance, community and operations, committed to actively participating in every proposal.

To submit your application, please share in the forum thread below:

  1. Your short bio
    Just a few sentences to help us get to know you better!

  2. Reasons why you want to become a delegate
    What inspires you about RARI Foundation and governance in general?

  3. Your web3 relevant skills and qualifications
    What makes you qualified to become a delegate for other $RARI holders?

  4. Your commentary on the guiding values of the RARI Foundation outlined in RRC-0 and the current $RARI Rewards distribution program outlined in RRC-1 and RRC-2

  5. Your wallet or ENS address


I am interested in being RARI delegate.
I have started my web3 journey 7 months ago and have successfully created, sold and re-sold NFTs on several platforms, including Rarible. My background is in healthcare care and pharmaceutical industry, as well as investing. Since childhood I was drawn to art and was always finding some new ways to express myself and create artwork. So creating digital art and sharing it with others has brought me lots of joy, and I want to share this excitement with others.
I am active on LinkedIn (around 1200 followers), Twitter since April (close to 500 followers) and on several Discord channels.

Thanks, and best wishes,


I’m a noise musician, performance artist, and event producer. I’ve been exploring decentralized media since the early 00s’ and have been into crypto for over a decade.

Nearly all of the positions of responsibility in my life that I’ve had involve deciding what’s cool and what isn’t. What’s fair, and what isn’t. I’m not great at maths, but I enjoy curation as well as helping refine systems for efficiency. I joined Rarible specifically because I understand the value of having listings from multiple chains on one storefront GUI. I’d like my voice to be heard should I find it prudent to speak. I have projects across different chains, so even outside governance, I find Rarible as a platform to be of considerable value to me. I’ve yet to see any other projects that align with my goals and use-cases, so I am here hoping to get more involved with the direction of platform.

My primary professional experience is with product, community, and operations.

I have a degree in public relations from MTSU that I mostly use these days to bring attention to smaller projects and the DIY scene at-large. I’ve worked convention operations, organized local music fests, meetups, podcasts, netlabels, and admin a moderately sized discord server. I’ve had to write my own privacy policies, copyright systems, terms of services. My art, however, is a right mess.

I assert that I would do my best to be as meticulous as possible when voting. I spend most of my free time researching incessantly as it is, and I do that for fun. As a DIY and outsider artist whose peers are not fond of decentralized tokenization of their intellectual property, I feel that I can provide some useful insight for broader adoption. I want to see the platform succeed, and by proxy I want to see other DIY artists succeed and I think putting my efforts into governance here might be a good way to help me do that.

I appreciate the long-term goals. “Zero tolerance for short-term profit seeking” is not a line I expected to see but one that I wholeheartedly agree with. Your rationale is sound. Systems that are designed to work with as little human intervention are favorable to me.

The different types of unlocking are clearly defined, and it seems to be multifaceted enough to provide effective exit strategies for most situations. The on-chain governance technicalities seem reasonable. I have a better understanding of how to make the most out of my votes after reading it.

The rotating leaderboard of things to vote on seems much better than the old system. I really like the aggregation element because it makes it more accessible to casual buyers and sellers from outside Rarible who might not yet fully understand how useful it is to have access to listings from multiple sources and chains. The listing rewards are structured in a way that makes it difficult for any particular collection to dominate the charts, so I feel more incentivized to vote. It provides this sort of public competitive curation aspect that incentivizes me to want to actually pick projects I feel deserve attention. As a content creator, I often already do this with other media for fun. Happy to see it baked into the code.


My name is UrbanXtrm. Born in Basque Country in Comanche land, Artist since kid if God verifies me. Worked as 3D Animator for more than 20 years in Schreck times. I like Painting and for circunstances I use digital mostly. I do electronic tracks aswell.
My reason to be a delegate is to find a pump in my career working with a team that I believe we share interests in common.
To say the truth I still haven´t sold a single NFT and I feel I deserve it. Don´t find the balance and have to handle with frustration everyday. That makes me a hard worker.
I still have no idea of a very deeper technical stuff. Just a creator. :smiling_face:


Hey Hey Rarible Community & RARI FOUNDATION!

I am pleased to submit this proposal to become a RARI Foundation delegate! The future of NFTs starts with us! My goal as a delegate is to uphold the community’s best interests, and ensure a safe, fun and engaging platform from the bottom up.

  1. Your short bio
    My name is Jay Frank, US-based innovator and web3 enthusiast. Before jumping full-time into the rabbit hole, I was a full-time attorney handling a myriad of financial compliance and litigation matters. Now, I work with businesses, entertainers, and entrepreneurs in strategic planning, organizational structure and innovation in web2 and web3.

  2. Reasons why you want to become a delegate
    In short, I have been inspired by Rariable ecosystem since early 2020 and look to bringing more resources to the forefront of Rarible and RARI Foundation. I have remained inspired by Rarible’s choices in putting creators first and making a welcoming and seamless experience for newbies getting into NFTs.

Aside from being all nerdy about parlimentary procedure, a decentralized system of builders coordinating on the internet is beyond exciting. As an active ENS DAO & LexDAO member and core contributor to meTokens Labs protocol, I am happy to extend a new branch of fun into NFTs with RARI Foundation.

  1. Your web3 relevant skills and qualifications
  • Member of Rarible community 2+ years & understanding of protocol and features
  • Community member at meTokens
  • Active member of ENS & LexDAO
  • Licensed U.S. Attorney with an affinity for creators and entertainment
  • Motivated and dedicated to web3 tech, not just get-rich-quick-schemes.
  1. Your commentary on the guiding values of the RARI Foundation
  • RRC0
    In short, i fundamentally agree with creating a legal entity to allow community members to submit for grants and other similar benefits. I would like to provide more resources to ensure any RRC ideas are fully engaged, and I would like to change the voting threshold from 5,000 to 1,500 with a gradual increase over time.

  • RRC 1
    I am in love. Actually, this is nostalgia from the original RARI airdrops back in 2020. The thoughtfulness of the token structure, with regard to short term liquidity of tokens is amazing. RARI Foundation should continue to find ways to simplify the understanding of the veRARI to RARI structure.

  • RRC 2
    I am in support of this proposal as I think it does an amazing job to ensure liquidity is created out of NFTs, and that artists and holders are both incentivized to participate, rather than quickly exit the ecosystem. Further, the game theory behind this entire mechanism seems exciting!

Jay Frank:handshake:


I am a 47 year old Architectural Technology major. I believe that I can greatly improve my situation, even still, and that I will through tenacious effort. I have christian values. That might be a deal breaker in some circles. But I have the courage to speak what I believe is right. I like the level of pricing on your NFT marketplace. It connotes refinement.

I would like to be a part of the decision making for, and shaping of the RARIBLE MARKETPLACE. This would be one way that I might influence the metaverse experience in a productive, and meaningful way.

I am a creator of NFT’s, and an Architectural Technology & Environmental Design major, with 3D modeling experience, and moderate skill using multiple applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. I use SKETCHUP, REVIT, and several AI generative tools to expand my horizons.

“Prioritized resource allocation for autonomous mechanisms rather than programs reliant on human execution.”
I would like to be a part of this type of organization, where the system in place bears the weight of the responsibility, rather than leaving the bulk of power to be fought over by ravenous individuals. After all, human tendency is not about being good or evil, rather that temptation knows no bounds, and any man can be susceptible to temptation.

“Accountable parties, measurable deliverables and milestones for every proposal.”
Something we do not see enough of in this world is accountability. From the court system, to the campaign trail, there are so many excuses, and deflections that honor seems scarce, and integrity, all but obsolete. With all of the controversy surrounding the current crypto-verse, it would be in all our best interest to set an example to those incoming to the space, that actions have consequences, and goals are realized, not just set and forgotten, or exchanged for new goals at a whim.

“Zero tolerance for short-term profit seeking.”
Wow! This one sets my mind ablaze. What a concept? The elephant in the room, in a sense, is the lack of sustainability of the get rich quick mindset surrounding cryptocurrency. I am an NFT enthusiast, and creator. I am involved in art because I love art, and design. I do definitely want to succeed as an artist, and as an investor, but I will make the sacrifices necessary to do so, and I expect very little from, well, very little effort. I’m in this for the long haul, and those that prefer to dine, and dash, are major detractors from the strength of the whole.

“Approve creation and funding of an Administrative Budget Wallet.”
As former Historian, and Treasurer of my current educational institution, I am very familiar with small governing bodies, and conducting meetings in a professional, and courteous manner. As student government officials, we allocated funds for activities, on and off campus, as well as appointed funds to be used by other groups involved in student life. Our budget was a modest $144,00, with reserves of $1,000,000.


Gm, my name is Frefly808 I am a art curator and collector. I am one of the Founders at Forverlands. Foreverlands is creating a universe for Artists. I want to make sure the artists voice gets heard at Rarible. Firefly808.eth


Bonjour. I am Tagan, a teacher based in Atlanta. I want to become a RARI Foundation delegate to gain more experience with DAO Tooling such as Tally and Snapshot. Additionally, I am passionate about bringing art education to my local community. In 2021, I minted my first NFT while completing the KERNEL Block III Fellowship. Later that year, I purchased my first NFT at a digital art auction on Telegram. Since then, I have minted over 100 art-utility NFTs on multiple platforms. Additionally, I am a technical writer. In 2022, I co-authored the Bancor V3 Developer Guides and a blog series on Gitcoin’s Proof of Personhood Protocol. My skills and passion for art curation, NFT user experience, and technical writing make me a great candidate to grow with the RARI Foundation.

ENS Wallet: thetagan.eth (0x51d8AcFd750d97dd3c9CA0074e8d6f63f1153681)

Please see my commentary on recent proposals below:

RRC-0: Introducing the RARI Foundation and Fully On-Chain Governance for RARI DAO - Process

The core values of this proposal are independence, on-chain governance, and aligning long-term vision with incentives.

In regards to independence, this is an important step toward decentralization. Also, it will expand the possibilities of the community by protecting contractual relationships and implementing grants.

Generally, on-chain governance creates a more transparency and is more binding than off-chain voting. This choice seems to be a more scalable solution than Reddit or Twitter. Yet, we do run into the concern of coin-voting. Our task will be monitoring the RARI token holders to ensure that a handful of accounts are not holding a majority of the RARI tokens. If an account gained a significant amount of RARI, how would this influence the democracy of the Foundations operations? Perhaps, we can mitigate this by putting a voting maximum. This may disincentivize locking $RARI at first, however, there may be another incentive for large token holders like reduced gas fees. Another option would be to try different voting mechanisms such as quadratic voting. Though this method is susceptible to sybil attacks, by implementing proof of personhood protocols we can mitigate these risks.

Lastly, NFT communities have summoned many“bad actors” on all sides of the field. I urge the community to create content that describes our long-term vision. This will help weed out proposals that just don’t fit the community. Additionally, it will call others that are aligned with this vision to the community. Once the vision is clear, we can develop the best way to incentives these behaviors.

RRC-1: Introducing veRARI and Voting - Process

I like that the mechanism uses staking. It ensures that voters have “buy in.” In order to ensure that there is a balance among token voters, RARI may consider implementing staking pools or introducing new methods for obtaining RARI. Also, I like that the formula ensures that the initial veRARI amount will be at least 20% of the locked tokens. Due to the way the tokens are released this seems fair. It seems that the veRARI amount will increase based on the length of the cliff period and the rate of the slope. This makes sense because it incentives holding tokens. It does make me wonder, is it good to incentive locking up RARI? How will that impact liquidity? After the tokens are used for voting, are they reintroduced to the ecosystem or burned? Another option to consider experimenting with is NFT staking.

RRC-2: $RARI listing & trading incentives in collections voted on by veRARI holders - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

I love this. Introducing community voting to avoid spreading incentives thin will also help collect data on what type of NFT collections the community values. I would suggest adding a wild card to this batch as well. Perhaps this is a vote held on Twitter by RT (Of course, there is a potential for bots, so maybe there is a better platform for this than Twitter… maybe Common Ground). This would allow members of the NFT community that do not own RARI yet a chance to have their voices heard. This would ensure that we cater to our current community, and help onboard new players. Also, I agree that is important to incentive buyers. In fact, most artists are buyers as well. Perhaps, collectors can gain RARI for having the best NFT curations in a VR gallery.

These comments are my first impressions based on the knowledge I have on governance systems. I encourage questions and comments to help spark discussion. As a delegate, I would look to learn from our community to better lead voting decisions.


Professional background: financial education, tech startups and ceramics.

WEB2: London, sport/nature enjoyer, can’t survive without delicious food
WEB3: cryptokittens 2017, DeFi 2021.

Solana: 1st NFT - The sneks, built - Gnomies Protocol (NFT lending), Yogg DAO member.
ETH: Art blocks and Crypto Citizens.

I would like to become a delegate to help the rari foundation operate efficiently and execute the community vision across the foundation governance system.

I love being part of a decentralized system and driving blockchain projects to a more unbiased decision-making process, where each counterparty can benefit and operate autonomously.

I have experience in delivering the first NFT decentralized lending protocol on Solana - Pawnshop Gnomies, building a strong community, and integrating a decentralized model of operations into the decision-making process. I have strong DeFi knowledge and active crypto awareness as an active participant in Yogg DAO.

RRC - 0

I fully support the principles outlined in RRC - 0, as only with proper autonomy, accountability, and long-term vision this foundation can execute goals on behalf of the community and underlying parties.

RRC - 1

Regarding VeRari and locking mechanics, I believe they need to be adaptive according to the current market and foundation goals, I would encourage reviewing RRC -1, after the rewards system will be relaunched and evaluated.

RRC - 2

Based on the previous community calls and discussions, I believe a new proposal needs to be outlined to improve weak points of RRC - 2 based on the recent reward program and introduce new structures suggested by the community and the rarible team.