RARI DAO Weekly Highlights - April 8-14, 2024

RARI DAO Weekly Highlights - April 8-14, 2024

  • ALLSHIPS Brunch
  • RARI Token
  • RARI Chain
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1 Week 4
  • RARI Rewards
  • Community call updates
  • RARI Foundation <> Delegate 1x1s
  • Protocol updates
  • Ongoing forum discussions

Ecosystem Highlights

  • NFT NYC Events
  • RARI Token
    • RARI token narrative and utility planning is ongoing. Will share with the DAO once ready for questions and feedback.
  • RARI Chain
    • Bridged USDC standard powered by Circle is coming to RARI Chain!
    • Ecosystem roadmap planning, including RARI Chain roadmap planning, is ongoing. Will share with the DAO once ready for questions and feedback.
    • Josh has been working through the builder engagement strategy, focused mostly on educational initiatives & workshops. Will share more with the community once ready for questions and feedback.
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1 Week 4
    • Applications closed on 7th of April with over 60 applications received!
    • Currently reviewing applications until 19th of April then will notify grant recipients as well as those who did not qualify via e-mail to stay in touch for future grant opportunities.
    • There will eventually be grants specific to RARI Chain which will resume planning in summer 2024.
  • RARI Rewards

DAO Highlights

  • Community call updates
  • Final delegate 1x1s in progress and should be wrapped by next week.
  • Starting to look into revamping RARI Prime rewards and community roles. There will be an open call from the community to contribute feedback. Stay tuned!

Governance Discussions In Progress

  • Forum
    • RRC-22 DAO Treasury Diversification Plan
      • Autonomous joined the April 9, 2024 community call to address all questions and feedback. Wildri will also be replying on forum and posting a revised proposal with some of the feedback incorporated.
    • [RRC-XX] Delegate Incentive Program
      • Ongoing discussion on forum to shape a delegate incentives program that the community supports.
    • Let’s Grow RARI Together
      • Broad discussions ongoing. Likely to have a working group from the DAO to design RARI rewards and incentives that the community supports incorporating feedback from this forum thread and Forexus’ draft proposal.
    • RRC-21: Gas fee rebate
      • Provided clarity from the foundation around budget and how Jaf can move forward with the proposal. Stay tuned!

What’s next

  • Overall more communications and discussions on forum with more detailed weekly highlights.
    • For example, Jaris has made some introductions around Treasury Diversification and have suggested them to comment on the existing forum thread for Autonomous, Foundation, and community to review.
  • Will continue conversations on delegate guilds and working groups for more engagement opportunities outside of community calls. At the moment, token-related workstreams should work closely with the Foundation (per the community call notes on the deck). Otherwise the delegates can form groups and request Foundation participation as needed.
  • PizzaDAO approached RF and Rarible about supporting BTC Bitcoin Pizza Day May 22, 2024. Reviewing with Rarible.
  • Keeping updated - setting up notifications for Forum and Tally to not miss important updates. Feel free to drop any questions, comments, or feedback on the weekly highlights too!