RARI DAO Weekly Highlights - April 1-7, 2024

Weekly Highlights - April 1-7, 2024

  • NFT NYC Events
  • RARI Token
  • RARI Chain
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1 Week 4
  • RARI Rewards
  • Community call updates
  • RARI Foundation <> Delegate 1x1s
  • Protocol updates
  • DAO2DAO opportunities
  • OSPN
  • Ongoing forum discussions

Ecosystem Highlights

  • NFT NYC Events
  • RARI Token
    • Swing.xyz - confirmed to bring RARI token to their bridge aggregator
    • Check out updated RARI token pages on CMC and Coingecko!
    • Prepare for some hot RARI token news next week :eyes:
  • RARI Chain
    • Wormhole - agreed to integrate RARI Chain in Queries
    • Espresso - agreed to integrate RARI Chain testnet and mainnet in Q2 to bring faster finality and DA
    • Conversations with popular and highly liquid bridges (and aggregators) regarding integration
    • Calls with existing DEXes and innovative teams started regarding launching on RARI Chain
    • Farmers Market #64: Layers 2 & 3 - Spaces with Stephen, DeFi Lead @ RARI Foundation
  • Protocol + RARI Chain Grants Sprint #1 Week 4
    • Applications are closing on 7th of April - Last call to apply!
  • RARI Rewards
    • Closing out Galxe quests. Rewards are open to claim on Galxe for six weeks starting April 2nd. Link to claim
    • Rarible to run RARI Rewards on RARI Chain NFT transactions starting mid-April and can revisit community-proposed rewards discussions in later

DAO Highlights

  • Community call updates
    • Sunsetted weekly calls and moving to a bi-weekly schedule to offer more virtual engagement and introducing weekly forum updates instead
    • April calls
      • Tuesday, April 9 @ 12pm ET
      • Tuesday, April 23 @ 12pm ET
    • Event links
  • Delegate 1x1s
    • Started with cohort 2 and will catch up with cohort 1 folks soon!
    • Feedback has mostly been around more opportunities for engagement outside of weekly calls. This will be a prioritized workstream focused on creating guilds and/or working groups for the delegates to manage and contribute to in addition to moving more discussions on forum
    • Thank you everyone for your insights and feedback!
  • Protocol updates
    • Started discussions on moving the DAO from mainnet to L2 or L3. Pros and cons of both options are under review. Will share more details with the DAO as the plans develop
  • DAO2DAO opportunities
    • Reviewing 2 proposal opportunities with other DAOs!
      • NFT.Storage founding member opportunity for RARI Foundation
      • Orbit Stimulus Pilot with Arbitrum to support Arbitrum Orbit chains
  • OSPN with Jaris James - Beyond PFPs #6 - How web3 will disrupt fashion

Governance Discussions In Progress

What’s next

  • NFT NYC: The Wind Down, Brunch w/ ALLSHIPS, SHILLR and RARI Chain Sunday, April 7
  • Tuesday, April 9 community call agenda to be posted on forum by Monday, April 8
  • Overall more communications and discussions on forum with more detailed weekly highlights
  • Conversations on delegate guilds and working groups for more engagement opportunities outside of community calls. Stay tuned!