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Hi @miltonn. Addie from RARI Foundation here. I’m the community manager and work closely with delegates and other community members to get involved in RARI DAO. I’ve noticed you posted a few times, and while I’ve approved the posts since this is an open forum, I suggest you start coming to community calls to engage with other community members and RARI Foundation members to understand the current focus and connect with others to champion your initiatives before posting anything additional to forum.

You can read more about RARI DAO and the governance flow at the following links:
RARI DAO Resources
RARI DAO Knowledge Base

The next community call with an open agenda is Tuesday June 18, 2024 at 12pm ET with links to the event under “DAO Calls” on the RARI DAO Resources page linked above.

Feel free to reply here with any questions. Thank you!