WG funding & reporting structure

Rright now we passed several proposals to fund working groups for different sums of money like 100k, 200k, etc. This is amazing our DAO is so big we have WGs :fire:

While this creates a great flexibility for the working group to operate it’s expenses it also creates unpredictability of the overall DAO budget.

There might be a situation when several WG require funding in the same time like saying we need 100k, 200k, 300k at once.

I think we should stick to:

  • monthly budget for working group.
  • having some extra let’s say 1mo budget for unpredicted spendings
  • monthly reporting on spending with results

What are your thoughts guys?

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Totally agree, we should move to have a cyclicality and rhythm to this.

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From which source do you get the money to fund DAO? 100K, 200K, 300K!!!
I think you should create utility for RARI token or at least list it in cexs to be available for trading, and then use it to fund DAO! I am against it and vote against funding DAOs with weekly RARI airdrops! RARI token serves no purpose (except voting…) and should not be used to fund projects!

Agreed as well. Some options we could use to make this a bit easier for the DAO:

  • Pay the working groups using a monthly merkle drop – the DAO would only need to do one proposal per month to do it this way, but we’d have to be organized.
  • Use something like Sablier or Superfluid to set up flow rates from the DAO to each working group that could be stopped by the DAO anytime. This way, the DAO would only have to make transactions when it wanted to change one of those flows.

Hey Arsalan – it seems like you are on a very different page than much of the rest of the community on this. As far as I can tell, there’s a general consensus that we should use some of large amount of RARI available to try to improve the community and add value for all holders, and that this will be better for everyone in the long run. The working groups are an attempt to do that.

I think hearing other perspectives is definitely important, so can you start another thread to explain your alternative suggestion and why you prefer it?

Agreed also. Having a monthly budget structure in place will prove to be more beneficial for accounting in the long run.