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Learn about our DAO and Rarible Protocol

:nerd_face: TLDR of Rarible DAO

:brain: DAO Whitepaper (work in progress)

:email: DAO Newsletter Sign up to stay up to date

Rarible Protocol Information

:hammer_and_wrench: Protocol Documentation

:rescue_worker_helmet: Protocol Support

:film_projector: Protocol Overview Video

Working in the Rarible DAO Community

NOTE: if you want to get PAID for work in the DAO, you will need to get a proposal approved FIRST! Proposals asking for work already done are going to be rejected.

:construction_worker_man: How to work with Rarible DAO?

:star_struck: Our Working Groups

If you would like to add our weekly call schedule to your google calendar, here is the link: Google Calendar – Sign in to Access and Edit your Schedule
Alternatively, you can try (for those who don’t use google calendar): https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/c_lftei8m58c88nffjr6lu36m364%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

Looking for Funding?

Rarible DAO gives grants to projects building on the protocol ranging from 10K to 100K. See links below for more information.

:page_facing_up: Proposal Process

:writing_hand: Proposal Template

Useful Links and Places

Discord: The crazy place we discuss within the community

Medium: Where we write, occasionally

Our Website: Our website

Notion: Is our source of evolving truth

Our Governance Forum: For longer discussions on important topics

Snapshot: Where we vote on things (note, each working group also has their instance of Snapshot)

Twitter: Where we tweet

Other documents

:dart: Branding Assets

:chart: Token Information (needs updating)


Good project. I dont get airdrop , please

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