Sending RARI to WGs as part of WG Funding

Hi everyone,

We have all had increased discussions on providing contributors with RARI as a means to give them ownership within the DAO and to allow them to engage in parent DAO governance. We are currently in flux and still working on the final structure of the DAO but that shouldn’t hold us back from allowing WGs to distribute RARI as a reward mechanism for contribution (e.g. For non-full time contributors). .

Moving forward we’re thinking that a portion of the payment going to each WG multi-sig includes RARI alongside DAI. It will be up to each WG to decide how they utilize that RARI. As of now, we’re suggesting that you hold the RARI in your multi-sig for future use, or use it to reward part-time contributors with small bounties. Eventually, we would want to distribute the RARI in our wallets to full-time contributors for ownership. Would love some input from others on how RARI should be distributed for full-time contribution outside of the regular salary being paid to each contributor for work.

I’m curious what each working group thinks of this suggestion. We are thinking that 15-20% of the remaining funds to be sent to each WG wallet would be RARI so we all have some exposure.

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I actually think that full time contributors should also be given the choice of payment: DAI or RARI, or some combo.

I’m in support of this

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In favour of this, Sarmad,

Thanks for posting.

But, if full time folks are to be included too, having an option to have some DAI/RARI split could simply be achieved indirectly by selling some DAI for RARI. I’ve seen other DAOs make the stable coin/native token split idea more incentivizing by enabling contributors to ‘fix’ this native token amount (amount in USD fixed on a date into XXX tokens) for a period of time to take a bet on the token price. If token price goes up over, say, three months the XXX tokens are worth more. Naturally the bet can go the other way if the token price goes down.

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