X Rarible Protocol - from is the NFT marketplace equivalent to your trusty intergalactic dive bar. It’s a haven for all things experimental and all things that glitch. It was founded on a very simple principle - build a marketplace as a community dao, built in opposition to venture capitalized behemoths like OpenSea.

We experiment freely with our art as well as our code and gather as a community to buy, sell, and create. We rally around a common understanding that the underground is just more fun.

Currently, we have around 400 artists, 7K mints, and over $20K in transactions. We run on the Polygon chain and are one of the most popular minting options on this L2. Although we love what we’ve built so far, we have aspirations of going from intergalactic dive bar to full on interstellar rave (or whatever the scaled up version of an intergalactic dive bar is :upside_down_face:).

We currently have only a very basic system of manual bidding in place. With this grant our community would include auctions as well as including the option of minting in editions. Additionally, we would overhaul the frontend with an updated UI, improved filtering, accounts, and homepage. The majority of this comes out of the box with the Rarible protocol with the exception of frontend work which would be where we’d direct the majority of funds. We believe with these updates we could easily become the most fun, accepting, and experimental place to mint on Polygon. In addition, this project would be one of the first projects on Polygon using the protocol.

Funding Milestones and Payments

Milestones & payments:

  • Milestones 1: UI design and mapping architecture

  • Milestones 2: Implementation of Rarible protocol and frontend development

  • Milestone 3: Swapping NFTs from previous contracts to new Rarible protocol contracts

Total payment: $60,000 USD equivalent in RARI ($10K upfront to pay for hiring, $10K upon completion of Milestone 1, $20K upon completion of Milestone 2, and $20K on completion of milestone 3.

Timeline: Depending on integration of Polygon in the works @Rarible, ~ 2 weeks for Milestone 1, 1 month for completion of Milestone 2, and full completion >3 months

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address: 0x05f9f41d10FD32d97E73fADAf6eDD42C227afd31

I consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed.


Jacob Small founder and dev at

Will also need to hire 1 dev to fully focus on the Rarible protocol and frontend development with Jacob. Additionally, we will need to hire a design contractor for the initial UI design process.

Jacob will be the touch-point for the Rarible <> Screensaver relationship. Jacob has spoken in depth with Rarible Dao lead, Eric Arsenault.


I will attend weekly community calls, and provide updates on milestones as I make progress. I also plan to coordinate with the Rarible development team in regards to the architecture. In the event that we can’t fulfill our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO.

Why should the Rarible DAO fund this?

There are a few reasons:

  1. Rarible Dao and the Screensaver community share a mission. We both believe the creation and distribution of art should be free for experimentation and not gated. We believe it is our duty to challenge the current gatekeepers and continue to insist on these principles.

  2. We currently operate with a governance token for voting and may further formalize our existence as a Dao. At this point, we could arrange a token share.

  3. Our code is open source so all protocol or non-protocol members will benefit from our codebase.

  4. You can come have fun on!


Yes yes! This would be amazing!


I would love to see this happen!


I really will love this!


Let’s make it happen please.


Oh yes please - Screensaver has amazing potential! :heart_eyes_cat:

In my eyes, it’s THE place for glitch art and similar types of experimental art. I was originally intrigued by Screensaver for it’s use of Polygon, but stayed for the awesome community and crazy artwork.

This would be awesome.


Dig this. let’s make it happen.

Huge fan of SSW and their community / ethos. This is the heart of of the Polygon art NFT ecosystem and would make a great Rarible partner :fire:


This seems like the next logical step. As an artist who has been part of Screen Saver World since the first few weeks, I have been able to develop my creative practice in regards to utilising block chain technologies on Polygon with confidence. The consenus has always been placed around accessiblilty and creative freedom.


Dear Rarible peeples that see this,

Jaacob is a blessing unto the universe - and absolutely is built in opposition to capitalized behemoths. One of the compelling things about the crypto space in its ethos of permissionless building and decentralization is the ability to choose. has been the choice for many and is an extremely compelling and viable project to fund. There are weekly auctions, user engagement and bonding within the community and is sorely needed in the art world.

Um sincerely yours best regards and all of that fun stuff,



Love this proposal. Will support!


I owe a lot to Screensaver and its community. Jacob worked so hard on this and it would be amazing if Screensaver can get support to evolve into the better space it deserves to be!


Thank you everyone from SSW community for showing your support. Super heart warming! :heartpulse:


That’s great to hear Mark. Thank you and let me know if you’d like any further details! :grinning:

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Lets see where this thing goes!


This is one of the best NFT communities I’ve ever seen, it has a huge potential of growth and I’ve been able to acomplish so much in here, I made my very firsts “big” NFT sales through Flash Auctions hosted on clubhouse that later ended, this led to no flash auctions at all and what did I do? start them again! And so I’ve been doing Flash Auction events for the pasts months every week! So far we’ve sold 271 Art Pieces and 5723 MATIC in 12 events that I’ve been doing, I’m currently working in the community to help more artists sell their work as well as moderate and organize everything. I vouch for Jacob, he has been spectacular overall with the develop of the entire platform. If this grant is approved or not I’ll keep putting my 100% on this community and help it grow even more, this is just the beginning! (More info on the events hosted at and SSW.AUCTION FLASH AUCTIONS - Google Sheets)


Yes! SSW is a rare and beautiful thing, a truly independent place for artists to mint and sell and the community that has built up around the Flash Auctions is incredible. A grant like this will nurture the space and produce something huge and important.

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Would absolutely love to see this for This market place has cultivated an amazing community that will only continue to grow as it has the chance to expand with additional resources and support.


perfect! my favorite nft community

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Would love to see this happen, I personally got my start in the NFT world from minting on screensaver! Minting on polygon made the whole scene far more accessible and the community I’ve met on screensaver has been top notch! If a grant is approved you only get to see a great community of artist get even better!

I strongly support this proposal! It’s a great opportunity for to grow and for Rarible to demonstrate its protocol’s applications and network as well as bring a vibrant artist community into the fold. How do we get this done?