Sarmad/ greydient - Ops Working Group Proposal

I’m officially asking to become a paid part-time contributor of the R-wave working group, leading the efforts for the Operations workgroup.

I have noted my proposal in detail here:


I will be coming onboard to help manage the Operations team and implement some structure and regularity to our DAO while keeping Web 3 decenralization principles in mind. My goal will be to build out proceses where none exist and improve our way of working as a DAO.

I’ve been a Management Consultant working in Operations and Implementation work for the last 5-6 years, where I helped manage and complete global projects with Fortune 500 companies. I can use that experience and rigiour to ensure we work efficiently and improve our outputs.

Key links:


I’ll attach me resume in comments as a I have new forum user account.

Resume: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.