RRC-8: Retroactive Governance Airdrop

This proposal introduces a retroactive $RARI airdrop for community members who actively participated in RARI Foundation governance in Q4 2022-Q1 2023.

We recognize the skills, time, and effort that active community members put into co-creating and discussing proposals, and the current airdrop aims to express acknowledgment and gratitude from the RARI Foundation community and team.

As stated in the motivation the reasoning for this airdrop is a thank you to those who’ve been most consistent and active in the Foundation. This acts as the first small step in a larger governance incentivization program we’d like to develop. To be eligible for the airdrop, the community member should meet the following conditions:

1. Locked or delegated $RARI between 1 October 2022-1 March 2023
2. Locked & voted
3. Delegated & that delegate voted
4. Received delegation & voting

We propose to distribute the equivalent of $2.5k USD* in $RARI. Following the same conditions as the $RARI rewards, the airdropped tokens will be locked for 9 months with a 3-month hard lock and a 6-month linear unlock.

Airdrop eligibility formula:
Variables are relative to the Columns in the google sheet

  1. You locked & Voted (D * J)
  2. You delegated & they voted (M)
  3. You received delegation & voted (C * J)
  4. You locked & voted (fixed reward, min 5 Rari needed)

Prior to the airdrop, there was a snapshot taken where we scrape the on-chain actions of the Foundation members to determine the eligibility and exact claim for the airdrop. Doing this as a retroactive snapshot helps to discourage negative behavior patterns like reward farming.

Once the snapshot was taken the formula above was used to calculate the total amount of $Rari you will receive.

Steps to implement
Snapshot to be taken to determine eligibility
Run the eligibility formula based on snapshot
Transfer appropriate funds from treasury to corresponding wallets

Google sheet for formulas:

**This proposal is currently a work in progress so updates will be made

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