RRC-4: Retroactive $RARI airdrop for Rarible users - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Category : Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Author : Campbell Law


This document proposed a retroactive $RARI tokens airdrop for Rarible Protocol users, including Rarible.com and Protocol-powered community marketplaces, for the past 3 months in order to support and incentivize loyal community members with RARI Prime membership.


The proposed distribution is intended to reward users for interacting within Rarible contracts and incentivize future use of products within the Rarible ecosystem. The last several months were marked by overall decline in the number of transactions and trading volume across the NFT market, and the airdrop is aimed at supporting loyal community members and long-term believers during the bear market.

Eligible users will receive 100 $RARI each, which will enter them into RARI Prime membership program.


Rarible.com users will receive retroactive $RARI rewards if they bought, sold, or listed an NFT on the secondary market on Rarible.com and community marketplaces built on Rarible Protocol.

All primary listings, including lazy minted items will not be eligible for the airdrop, since it is impossible to evaluate the impact of primary listings for the marketplace ecosystem if a sale has not happened.


The snapshot of users who purchased, sold, or listed items on Rarible from X date to Y date was made on Y date.

A total of 50,000 $RARI tokens will be allocated. $RARI rewards are equally distributed among eligible users in the amount of 100 $RARI.

Steps to implement

Make a snapshot on the selected date.

Publish snapshot on the forum

Determine the eligibility criteria making sure we’ve got exactly 500 addresses so that overall distribution totals to 50,000 RARI

Transfer to a separate wallet for Safe Contract controllable via veRARI (address: 0x04D4241c42B63706E4139b2C73a5661b7b4E6df9)

50,000 RARI for the program