RRC-3: $RARI allocation for Rarible 2 brand partners - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Category : Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Author : Campbell Law


This proposal outlines the vision and process of onboarding a collective of partners in efforts to spread awareness and provide ongoing support to Rarible 2 starting from the public launch. It provides a detailed overview of the partner selection process, outreach requirements, compensation plan and recognition of potential benefits from partner utilization.


By allocating $RARI to existing brand partners and new Key Opinion Leaders who support Rarible 2, we aim to create a word of mouth chain reaction. The anticipated network effect will increase visibility and brand awareness of Rarible 2 and support new users to join the platform.


Since the launch of Rarible as the first community-owned marketplace, we have built a strong network of projects and influencers with a multimillion following combined. This allocation of $RARI aims at effectively engaging and broadening this partner network through incentives for spreading awareness around Rarible 2 in their communities.

Partners who meet the specific requirements (number of followers, influence in web3 space) will receive $RARI token rewards as a program sign up bonus, and will be expected to support Rarible 2 through various social channels. As Rarible is a household name and with many partners already using the platform, the generated content will be highly native and will create the required effect.


Partner Marketing - a strategic collaboration between parties, whether it is two businesses or a business and an individual

Deliverables - tangible or intangible outputs that are submitted within the scope of a project.

Compensation - monetary payment given to an individual in exchange for their services.


Partner Selection Criteria:

Social content style

Number of followers and engagement

Minimum follower count = 10K

Relevance and influence within the Web3/NFT space

Outreach Requirements:

Provide full overview of product

Deliverables - continuous $RARI support via socials

(2) Twitter posts per week

Specific tags will be required to disclose partnership

#RariPartner / #RariRewardPartner


Compensation Plan:

$RARI will be used as the payment method for the partners as a compensation and authentic user experience

Max total budget = 20,000 $RARI

1000 $RARI (staked) per partner

1 month full token lock-up

12-week vesting schedule

83.3 $RARI/week

Partner Utilization Benefits:

Amplification for Rarible 2

Build and maintain key relationships for future opportunities

Wide-spread network through partner social channels to reach target audience

Increase in brand awareness and GMV

Generate new leads


Partner research and outreach

Confirm timelines and deliverables

Provide suggested social copies and required partnership disclosure tags

Transfer to a separate wallet for Safe Contract controllable via veRARI (address: 0x04D4241c42B63706E4139b2C73a5661b7b4E6df9)

20,000 RARI for the program