Revolutionizing Web3 Domain Name

Title: Revolutionizing Web3 Domains: A Grant Proposal for

At, we are on a mission to redefine the landscape of Web3 domains, transcending the limits of traditional domain ownership. We are excited to present our grant proposal, showcasing the unique features that set us apart and position us as innovators in the Web3 domain space.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: currently supports Polygon and Filecoin EVM chains exclusively. This cross-chain compatibility not only offers users a range of options but also opens up new possibilities for decentralized domains.

Anonymity and Privacy:

We value user privacy. requires no KYC, credit card information, or IP address logging. We empower creators to maintain complete anonymity if desired, fostering a secure and confidential environment.

Seller-Centric Model:

Our profit-sharing model is designed to prioritize creators. Sellers earn a remarkable 80% of the proceeds, showcasing our commitment to empowering and rewarding the creative community.

Web3Domain Studio: Empowering Seamless Domain Management:

At the heart of lies Web3Domain Studio, a comprehensive application designed for centralized domain management, customization, and collaboration.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Full White Label Application: Empower your brand without any external attribution. Web3Domain Studio offers a full white-label experience, ensuring that your brand remains front and center.
  2. Search and Mint with Ease: Effortlessly find and mint domains within a single platform. Our intuitive search bar allows users to check domain availability and mint new domains seamlessly.
  3. Metamask Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Metamask to manage domains, mint new ones, and access private settings effortlessly. A user-friendly interface puts you in control of your Web3 domains.
  4. Bulletin Board for Community Interaction: Foster collaboration within the Web3Domain ecosystem. The Bulletin Board facilitates community interaction, allowing administrators to update content and create a dynamic space for collaboration.
  5. Personalized Domain Management: Efficiently manage your domain portfolio with dedicated sections such as “My Domain List,” “Address Button,” “Record Button,” “Transfer Button,” “Host Button,” “Image Button,” and “Visit Button.”
  6. Mint Across Chains, Function Across Chains: Enjoy flexibility in blockchain choice without sacrificing functionality. Mint a domain on one EVM chain and experience its seamless functionality on others.
  7. Additional Customization Options: Tailor the Web3Domain Studio to suit your preferences with features like light/dark theme switching, logo changes, and the addition of social handles with icons at the footer.

No Expiry, Minting for Life:

At, domains don’t expire. Once minted, they’re yours for life. This perpetual ownership model eliminates concerns about renewals and underscores our commitment to providing lasting value to our users.

Transparency in Resource Allocation:

The 20% retained by the company is transparently allocated to development (10%), marketing (5%), and company profit (5%). This ensures ongoing improvement, strategic outreach, and the stability of as a whole.

Conclusion: is more than a service; it’s a commitment to a decentralized, collaborative, and user-centric digital future. As we apply for this grant, we hope to convey not just the features of our platform but the philosophy that drives us. Join us in redefining the digital landscape, where Web3 domains become gateways to a decentralized, interconnected world.

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Hi @web3yak ,
Thanks for sharing about

Would appreciate if you please elaborate further on the value proposition for RARI.

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Thank you for your prompt response. I’d like to highlight the distinct value that brings to RARI and emphasize how our platform fills a unique gap in your current offerings.

Unique Offering: introduces a groundbreaking platform for Web3 domains, and we’re proud to share that it stands as the first and only application of its kind in the market. No other developer has presented such a comprehensive solution, making our project a pioneering force in the domain management space.

Complementing RARI’s Portfolio:

This type of project is currently missing within RARI’s portfolio. By incorporating under the RARI umbrella, we believe it would not only enhance your existing offerings but also position RARI at the forefront of innovation in the Web3 domain industry.

Growth Potential:

Our platform is designed to scale and evolve, providing a unique opportunity for RARI to foster growth within the rapidly expanding Web3 landscape. We see great potential for mutual success through collaboration.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to the possibility of discussing how Web3Domain can thrive under the umbrella of RARI.

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Come chat with us next week Tuesday, 5pm UTC, at our proposal review call


Telegram ID: @web3_domain

Feel free to explore our platform at, designed to cater to all domains. While the domain-specific independent version (Web3Domain Studio) is not yet released to the public, we’re eager to discuss its features, as mentioned in our previous messages, and explore the potential for collaboration on the creation of a unique .rari domain.

Additionally, we want to express our openness to collaboration and appreciate any grant amount that RARI deems suitable. Being a nascent company, we are in need of funds for operations and marketing. We are confident that with RARI’s support, we can achieve substantial growth.

Looking forward to further discussions.

hi @web3yak
Hopefully you can join the call next week as WinVerse suggests.

I need to ask one more time though: where does Rari comes in?
I’m still not very clear as to what or How are you planning to integrate Rarible.

We plan to deploy a dedicated smart contract on the RARI Chain, complemented by a user-friendly GUI developed by our team. The .rari domain will be minted, enabling the public to purchase and leverage all the features provided by Web3Domain.

We propose an official announcement, introducing Web3Domain as the provider for .rari domains under the umbrella of RARI. If required, we’re open to handing over the .rari TLD to the RARI foundation. Importantly, all earnings from the minting of .rari domains will be directed to a RARI-selected wallet address. We want to emphasize that we won’t retain any earnings for the minting of .rari domains.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Waiting for response

There is another proposal review coming up next week Tuesday, 5pm UTC. You are welcome to come discuss with the community to see if there is enough interest in moving forward. Thank you!

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