Request for second payment for Ownerfy - Rarible Protocol Integration

It took us much longer than we expected to complete our Rarible selling integration. There protocol was more complex than we anticipated, mostly due to having to do the work server side rather than on client and managing our user accounts, but we have overcome those hurdles and we are ready to move on to phase two. All of our users can now sell on the Rarible platform. That’s over 14,000 users. The original first payment did also depreciate 50% several days later so we are requesting the second half in order to help add listing and purchasing features. The hardest part is done, but we are still spending a significant amount of time to complete the rest and need help funding it.

Thank you to the community. We are looking forward to becoming a heavy user of the protocol.

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Some more info.

Original payment request: $10,000 and $10,000 in Rari

Payment amount 1: 492 Rari at $12.01 (coin market cap says it was worth this but I think it was worth around $17) on May 18th - $8.362, we sold 4 days later when it was worth $12 total of $5,904 cash
Start → Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
Coinmarketcap $12

Sale → Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
Coinmarketcap $11.25

We’ve been stretching that $5,904 to pay for development. We are requesting about ~637 Rari so market value for $10,000 to finish integrating, sales listing and buying for all our users with the rarible protocol.

Thank you!

here is a link to the original proposal: Snapshot

@Nick are you asking for 10K + the additional 10K upon delivery?

No just 10K total. The first payment is done and we’re fine with the depreciation. We’re asking for the second and final payment please.

Ah I see. Sounds good!