Rarible Twitter Bot built with Rarible Protocol API


The aim of this proposal is to develop a Twitter bot that will share the most relevant events from the Rarible Marketplace via the Rarible Protocol API automatically and in real time. The bot will increase Rarible’s brand awareness by creating opportunities for users–including collectors, artists, and newcomers–to engage directly with Rarible’s content on Twitter.


Artists and collectors rely on Twitter for the most up-to-date information on and discussion of emerging trends in the NFT space. A real-time Twitter bot will highlight the top sales, trending collections, and showcase top collectors, creating many opportunities per day for community members to engage with Rarible’s data. Rarible’s bot will become a reliable source of NFT information on the most active social platform in the community.


Rarible Protocol has one of the best NFT APIs in the space, and we want to showcase that for Rarible. The only other way to achieve the same results would be to hire a team of social media managers. But a team of social media managers would be slower and more expensive. A bot is so much better :slight_smile:


The bot will run on the @rarible_bot Twitter account, will be fully configurable via the BotFrens UI, and implement the following behaviors:

  • Share Top sales
  • Share Trending collections
  • Share Top collections
  • Share Top buyers
  • Share Top sellers


  • Total: 5,320.00 $RARI (Calculated using $RARI 2.09 USD)
  • Development: 3,600.00 $RARI
  • Support + Premium account 1yr: 1,720.00 $RARI


  • Functional @rarible_bot Twitter bot
  • Configurable behaviors via BotFrens
  • Configurable tweet templates via BotFrens
  • ENS support (Twitter handle > ens > wallet)
  • File format MP4, SVG, + standard image formats


This is Andrei and Cody and we are the co-founders of BotFrens. For the past seven years, we have been using bots to help artists, museums, art marketplaces, and DAOs share their collections on social media. Our bots are followed by 6.5M accounts on Twitter and have shared millions of posts.

We’ve been working closely with Rarible’s dev team to launch 100s of bots using Rarible Protoco API. Some examples of our work:

Steps to implement

A list of behaviors, API endpoints, and marketing copy.

1. Share Top Sales (API Request)

Tweet Copy

[NAME] just sold on @Rarible

Collected by collector.eth for 1.23 ETH ($3,333)

Want to find out more? > [LINK TO RARIBLE]

2. Trending collections (API Request)

Tweet Copy

[COLLECTION NAME] is trending on @Rarible

Volume increased by 11600% in the last 24 hours with 2,457 sales totaling 99.3 ETH


3. Top Collections (API Request)

Tweet Copy

Here are the top 3 collections on @Rarible in the past 24 hours:

Collection name volume 1,203 ETH

Collection name volume 938 ETH

Collection name volume 123 ETH


4. Top Buyers (API Request)

Tweet Copy

Shoutout to the top 3 buyers on @Rarible in the past 24 hours:

fistbuyer.eth spent 123ETH

secondbuyer.eth spent 99ETH

thirdbuyer.eth spent 55ETH

5. Top Sellers (API Request)

Tweet Copy

Taking profits? Here are the top 3 sellers on @Rarible in the past 24 hours:

fistbuyer.eth spent 123 ETH

secondbuyer.eth spent 99 ETH

thirdbuyer.eth spent 55 ETH