Rarible Protocol <> Arbitrum One integration

This is an update to the community about the RARI Foundation’s pursuit of a proposal to the Arbitrum DAO.

Stemming from the RARI DAO community’s desire to integrate the Rarible Protocol with L2s and new side chains, the RARI Foundation has submitted a proposal to the Arbitrum DAO. We’ve been discussing each step and iteration of the proposal in our community calls, but now that the proposal has moved to a formal vote, we find it important to update the broader community via our forum.

The proposal can be reviewed in full on Arbitrum’s forum: HERE

Currently, the proposal is in a Snapshot temp check vote: HERE

If the Snapshot temp check passes with a simple majority, the proposal will progress to Tally, where it will be up for a vote for two weeks. We’ll share updates on the vote outcomes in the comments below.

We’re hopeful for the execution of this integration as it would be profoundly beneficial to both of our ecosystems.


A quick update: the Snapshot vote passed with 89% in support of the proposal.
Submission to Tally is coming up soon.


RARI Foundation passed the KYC and the proposal is live on Tally!
voting begins in a few hours: Tally | Arbitrum Proposal


This passed and has been executed. Woohoo!


Im excited about rari/arb’s integration too!

The overwhelming support it received on Tally was great to see as well