The first step is to win the listing competition, I can put you in today or tomorrow, it’s your choice. This is completely free, all you need to do is get your community to vote.

After the listing competition, we only require you have a co-marketing budget to help with token adoption and awareness post listing. This is a budget for us to run airdrops, giveaways and/or trading competitions for your token RARI in order to: -Acquires new users among our traders (100k avg) -Increases loyalty of existing audience -Experiences positive results from marketing campaign

The minimum budget required for any of this is 7,000 USDT paid in RARI. The 7,000 can do any of these activities:
Giveaway X7- one every week for 7 weeks- This will grow your socials
Trading Competition X1
Giveaway & Trading competition X1

Do let me know if this works for you.

Also to note that no payment for the co-marketing is requested until your token is listed on our exchange and deposits are opened.

We also offer MM and Zero Fee Accounts at a great price. Looking forward to a positive response.


مرحبا ان تشرحو اكثر لان هذا يبدو لي شي أين مختلفين


The Listing Offer from LATOKEN is a free offer because of the very good project RARI, all we require is a co-marketing budget paid in tokens to help with token awareness and adoption post listing. LATOKEN is really interested in listing RARI, I am available to answer any questions.


This works for me. Thank you