R Group - Zak 6-month period 1

My 2-month contributor trial period is up – below is a new proposal for a 6-month longer term engagement with R Group, along with an R Group membership token.

Professional Background

Software engineer with >12 years experience with a focus on cutting-edge front end engineering.

Previously I have worked as a full-time contributor to Boardroom, a crypto governance aggregation platform where I served as lead front end engineer and architect. I’ve also recently contributed in a part-time capacity to Alchemist and Screensaver and have made contributions to several open source web3 libraries, including wagmi, onboard, and use-wallet.

I have built, shipped, and maintained several high-quality open source projects over the course of my career and keep a strong pulse on modern front end practices and emerging web3 conventions.

R Group Experience

During my 2-month trial period (from October-December 2021), I was lead front engineer on the team that shipped HyperVIBES, a public and free protocol that lets you infuse any ERC-20 token into ERC-721 NFTs from any minting platform. I also helped guide and mentor other engineers on projects like MagicMint.


Following up my 2-month trial period, I will continue my efforts within R Group as a core contributor, primarily functioning as a lead front end engineer and architect. This proposal will kick off my first 6-month membership, and will include the following responsibilities:

  • Conceptualize, bootstrap, and test new project ideas by building focused proofs of concept
  • Lead and build the group’s front end tooling and ecosystem contribution efforts
  • Innovate on current UI/UX conventions within the DAO and NFT spaces
  • Write critical and forward-thinking articles about DAOs, NFTs, and my experience building in the space
  • Advance R Group’s external image through evolved branding and web presence


  • Provide weekly goals / accomplishments via Discord
  • Reach social consensus among the dev-wg before committing to a project and provide clear deliverables, product brief, timetable, kill criteria, etc.
  • Provide transparent updates during project development
  • Attend and participate in all relevant DAO calls
  • Invite continual honest critiques / challenges / feedback from fellow DAO members
  • Clearly inform the DAO of AFK/OOO time

Guiding Principles

  1. Build fast
  2. Share everything
  3. Foster collaboration
  4. Bias toward experimentation
  5. Influence others through action and execution
  6. Remain open to rabbit holes
  7. Don’t proactively impose structure
  8. Don’t be afraid to kill projects
  9. Don’t search rigorously for answers, let them emerge


Item Amount
Base $6,600
Market-based $5,000
Experience-based (10 years x $500) $5,000
Total $16,600

This is based on compensation guidelines in R Group Structure, Goals, & Processes, and is equivalent to a $199,200 / year salary compensation, which is in line with previous full-time compensation of mine and current market rates given my experience and quality of output.

Payments can be made at any interval <= 1 month, and in any ERC-20 with sufficient liquidity on any blockchain with a bridge to ETH.

This compensation is not completely guaranteed, as it depends on R Group having the money to pay it: in other words, if R Group doesn’t have the money, it’s not on the hook to pay my salary.

Also: continued custody of 1 R Group Member Token.


LFG – R Group season 2 is gonna be wild :rocket: