R Group: Stefan 6-month period 1

This proposal is posted here for transparency and initial feedback. It will be moved to the R Group snapshot in a few days

R Group is a sovereign group of builders that is currently being funded as part of the ecosystem funding efforts of Rarible DAO

This is a proposal to continue my full-time engagement with R Group for another six months following my initial 2-month trial period.

My initial trial proposal can be found on the Rarible DAO governance forum.

This 6 month period will last from 2021-12-13 until 2022-06-12. Membership in R Group is contingent on ongoing group consensus within R Group.

Recent contributions

From October 2021 - January 2022:

  • Worked on MagicMint for my initial scope, leading the project in and out
  • Helped form and became part of R Group
  • Designed, architected, developed and shipped the Frontend, Backend, Marketing for MagicMint
  • Held at least 2-5 hours of office hours per week for DAO introductions, recruiting, outreach, networking
  • Scoped with the help of my fellow R group members, architectured the MagicMint v2, started working on it
  • Connecting across the web3 space with builders from NFTTrader, allbastards.com to network and discuss potential integration / partnership / collab opportunities, engaging on Twitter spaces, Discord, public speaking on the subject “Leveraging opportunities in the blockchain space”,
  • Participated in every R group and concerning DAO meeting (except when I was on holiday)

How I will contribute in the next six months

  • Lead MagicMint v2, design and develop production-quality software, documentation
  • Lead and develop other projects discussed with the group
  • Contribute to R Group docs, external resources, processes, culture, vibes
  • Help bootstrap other builder working groups within Rarible DAO in the style of R Group
  • Represent R Group and Rarible DAO at crypto events in Europe, social media engagement, Twitter spaces
  • Help enlarge the ecosystem navigating and bringing up new builders on the Protocol


Compensation is based on R Group Basics compensation guidelines.

MagicMint v2 is a very important product for the DAO giving a lot of value to it. This will require following strict deadlines and higher level engagement as the lead of the project. Potentially monetizing and generating revenue for the DAO. That is why I added $1500 more in the Market-based section from my 2 month trial proposal.

Item Amount
Base $6,600
Market-based $1500
Experience-based (3 years x $500) $1500
Total $9,600

Payments can be made at any interval <= 1 month, and in any ERC-20 with sufficient liquidity on any EVM-compatible blockchain with a bridge to ETH to velkoskis.eth:

  • 0x559441FEf78b7E27b66db69C11e5B3827e1aea96

Payments will be made from the R Group multisig safe, contingent on having available funds.

Also: continued custody of 1 R Group Member Token

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Stefan is a great builder. I respect him! Looking forward to the magic he will create on magicmint


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