R Group: Jesse 2-month Trial Period

This proposal is for my 2-month trial period as a full-time contributor for R Group based on the processes outlined in R Group Basics. Starting Monday of next week (2022-01-24).

Here is how I plan and expect to contribute including my proposed compensation:

Please feel free to raise questions, request changes, or add thoughts in this thread, in Discord, or as comments in the contributor sheet.

I’ve been working closely with Ezra for a few years now and was extremely motivated and encouraged by my conversations with Brandon and Zak. Really looking forward to working with y’all!


Looks great Jesse :fire:

It was awesome chatting with you recently and the stuff you’ve been building lately has hella R Group vibes.


Hell yeah. Had a great 1:1 convo last week – Jesse is a solid dude with some great ideas. Def fits the vibe.