R Group: Jacob 2-month Trial Period

Howdy y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:

This proposal is for kicking off my 2-month trial period as a full-time contributor for R Group.

Like the rest of the DAO, we’re just getting things started, but have reached consensus on a high-level set of processes, including our approach to contributor onboarding and compensation guidelines.

I wanted to clearly capture how I aim to contribute, my technical background and skillset, and the ways in which I will hold myself publicly accountable:

* R Group Contributor (Jacob)

The breakdown of my proposed compensation per our WG guidelines and my rationale is provided here:

Please feel free to drop any thoughts and questions in this thread!


Jacob is an excellent builder and an imaginative guy when it comes to pushing the envelope with NFTs. Having in R-Group would be awesome!

He’s been around the DAO a while and SSW is an absolute banger. I’m in favor of moving this to snapshot to make it official :rocket: