R Group Funding Proposal Q1 2022 -- ~* f i r s t d r a f t *~

Hey all! This is certainly still a work in progress, but we’re happy to present our progress on the next funding proposal for R Group, the in-house builder working group for the DAO.

~* LINK *~


Our work so far includes:

  • hyperVIBES - NFT public good for distributing ERC20s to NFT holders (ready to use)
  • Governance NFTs – gas-efficient factory for managing voting NFTs (ready to use)
  • Metamart – out-of-the-box open source front end for NFT exchanges using the Rarible protocol (ready to use)
  • Magic Mint – front end for using Rarible protocol’s lazy minting feature (in progress)
  • Frens.art – new NFT community and associated exchange, with many folks from screensaver.world involved (in progress)

The proposal goes through our thoughts about

  • our goals for the next quarter and how we’ll work on them and measure them
  • our current membership
  • our requested budget

Request for Feedback

We think this is a good start, but we would love feedback from all voting members of the DAO on anything here:

  • Thoughts on what we built during our first period (October 2021 - present)
  • Are our goals for Q1 2022 appropriate?
  • What do you think about our approach to accomplishing them?
  • Is the budget appropriate?

My preference would be for comments to be left in the google doc, so they can be more specific, but also feel free to reply here. Our hope is to submit this as an official proposal around the new year.

with <3,
R Group


R Group Season 1 was an absolute banger

Can’t wait for the followup :fire:


@sarmad_greydient @Noah Would like to submit this to the Snapshot ASAP – what’s the next step?

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