R Group - Brandon 6-month period 1

This proposal is posted here for transparency and initial feedback. It will be moved to the R Group snapshot in a few days

R Group is a sovereign group of builders that is currently being funded as part of the ecosystem funding efforts of Rarible DAO

This is a proposal to continue my full-time engagement with R Group for another six months following my initial 2-month trial period.

My initial trial proposal can be found on the Rarible DAO governance forums.

This 6 month period will last from 2021-12-11 until 2022-06-10. Membership in R Group is contingent on ongoing group consensus among all group members.

Recent contributions

From October 2021 - January 2022:

  • Part of the founding cohort, initial vibe and culture establishooors, and multisig signers for R Group
  • Designed, architected, shipped HyperVIBES smart contracts and subgraph, contributed to the low-level frontend data layer
  • Wrote HyperVIBES documentation
  • Participated in several Twitter spaces hosted by Rarible DAO and others to discuss NFT tech, current NFT news, shill the DAO and HyperVIBES
  • Launched development of shell contracts, subgraph, and frontend repos
  • Launched documentation and project Notion for shell
  • Held 2-5 hours of office hours per week for DAO introductions, recruiting, outreach, networking
  • Frequent shitposting / engagement on Twitter with Rarible DAO, NFT art community, shilling HyperVIBES and Rarible DAO, etc
  • Helped with initial outline and ideas for Building in a DAO Is Better
  • Wrote Building in the Bazaar
  • Connecting across the web3 space with builders in Juicebox, Mirror, Newt, and FWB to network and discuss potential integration / partnership / collabo opportunities
  • Participated in Rarible DAO rebranding meetings, exercises, convos
  • Managed R Group payroll and contributor payouts / accounting

How I will contribute in the next six months

  • Design and deliver production-quality software, protocols, documentation, research, and projects (shell, Rarible DAO rebranding drop, shell engines, etc)
  • Contribute to R Group docs, external resources, processes, culture, vibes
  • Advocate for a strong web3-native approach and decentralized ethos within Rarible DAO
  • Help bootstrap other builder working groups within Rarible DAO in the style of R Group
  • Represent R Group and Rarible DAO at IRL crypto events
  • More shitposting, CT engagement, spaces / speaking events


Compensation is based on R Group Basics compensation guidelines.

This is a 5.4% increase in pay from my trial period

Item Amount
Base $6,600
Market-based $5,900
Experience-based (10 years x $500) $5,000
Total $17,500

Payments can be made at any interval <= 1 month, and in any ERC-20 with sufficient liquidity on any EVM-compatible blockchain with a bridge to ETH to bvalosek.eth:

  • 0x303EeFeDeE1bA8e5d507a55465d946B2fea18583

Payments will be made from the R Group multisig safe, contingent on having available funds.


Brandon is a great builder and a great mentor!
Bullish on building together and crushing it in R group!

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moved to snapshot:

Brandon is an awesome builder!

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