Quarterly funding for a Marketing working group


This proposal is to establish a Marketing Working Group in order to position Rarible Protocol DAO as a category leader and drive adoption of its protocol and related solutions.

Problem / Opportunity

Rarible Protocol DAO has ground-breaking tech, and a solid strategy, but lacks brand identity, positioning, and formal GTM strategy. A dedicated – and fully funded – working group would address this problem. Primary KPIs include:

  • Brand Favorability (e.g., “protocol of choice”)
  • Incremental protocol exchange volume ($)
  • New signups / dev partners

These support the DAO’s goal to be the protocol of choice for the majority of NFT projects.

High-level Plan

  • First Month: Lock 2022 plan, including marketing strategy, timeline, deliverables, and budget requests. Firm up POV on team structure & op model. Open priority job reqs
  • First Quarter: (above +) Hone positioning and value props, and develop new set of assets for use in campaigns, lifecycle marketing, and community-building. Develop POV on new features to sharpen positioning and address unmet user needs
  • [Next Funding Round] Second Quarter: (above +) Lead 1 hero comms moment (ideally tied to product launch, partnership announcement, or similar) + follow-on campaigns and activations. Develop community programs and activate channel / ecosystem marketing. TBD brand campaigns outside of the major comms moment


  • Headcount: 7*
    • 1 Lead - marketing strategy + mktg ops
    • 1 PMM - positioning + product GTM
    • 2 Brand - brand identity & content, brand campaigns & activations
    • 1 Growth - lifecycle comms + acquisition
    • 1 Community - community programming + support
    • 1 Creative Director - creative strategy, production, and ops
  • Budget: Production: $25K | Media/Fees: $35K
    • Production expenses increase if internal creative support is limited
    • Media expenses include acquisition experimentation but can increase if there is a desire to do brand activations, e.g., conference sponsorships, co-marketing, etc.

*Headcount will be 3 in month one while plans lock and additional candidates are interviewed.

The total ask for the first quarter is $200K, which will be distributed among a Marketing working group multisig with the following signers: Eric Arsenaut, Jason Williams, Mariana Sanchez.


Marketing will be embedded within the broader community and will communicate progress, updates, and results on a regular basis. Exact deliverables and cadence are to be determined but may look like the following:

  • Forward-looking marketing calendar locked and communicated on a quarterly basis
  • Backward-looking marketing results and learnings communicated on a monthly basis
  • Forward-looking “Plans this Week” communicated early Monday on a weekly basis

Additionally, at minimum, the Marketing Lead will join weekly working group syncs and other relevant forums to contribute to the community.


Thanks for putting this together, Jason! Looking forward to seeing this proposal come to life! I support this!