Proposal to Improve HyperVibes MVP with Followup Work

HyperVibes Follow up

HyperVIBES was launched successfully with a quick turnaround with a hard deadline to jump start a proof-of-concept and start getting feedback from the community. This doc proposes a few follow-up refinements based on early user feedback to make the app more robust by filling in the current holes in UX and tightening up the experience on top of UI.

Why is a follow-up important?

As of today, the HyperVIBES initial launch is not yet catered to a wider reach of users—in order to prove our hypothesis, we need concrete evidence that HV is something vital, missing or needed in the NFT world to help propel the status quo; And, in tandem to marketing efforts, it is essential to ensure that the product is user-friendly even as an MVP.

If this effort is not made, we will never know the true potential of the project and without our due diligence to some finesse, it will not attract and organically grow more users.

What we intend to do in this follow up

For the next several weeks, we will start with tackling the most obvious and continue to make creating realms and viewing realm/NFT details more informative. It is imperative to note, this is not just iteration—it is a good chunk of design and front-end work/collaboration.

The following are some high-level bullet points to help R Group understand what this follow-up entails.

  • Front-End & Design TLC
    • What: Fix responsiveness, our original intent to animate contextual elements and button up on >>>>
    • Why: For polish and better xxxx
  • Improve Multi-chain
    • What: better UI indications of what chain you’re on, possibly using the UI to show what chains are support (eg on explore page, switch to diff chains similar to zappers pool page)
    • Why: not clear what chain you’re on, what chains we support
  • Confirm Realm Creation
    • What: display a final summary screen displaying constraints / token info / etc before creating the realm
    • Why: can’t be undone (maybe even include UI copy reinforcing this), important to have the user review everything
  • Show Additional Realm Details
    • What: Show constraints / info about the realm like token ticker, TVL, total claimed, allowed infuser/claimer/collections/admins, etc
    • Why: this information is not visible anywhere nor shareable
  • Modify realm (as an admin)
    • What: add ability for admins to add/remove {admins, collections, infusers, claimers}
    • Why: not possible atm without etherscan
  • Show Infused Amounts (per-realm)
    • What: show infusion information on token list for a realm (a la VIBES token grids)
    • Why: not visible anywhere in the app, good for shareable page to immediately convey "these NFTs have tokens in them)
  • Show Infused Amounts (all realms)
    • What: show all infusion information across all realms on token detail page
    • Why: not shown at all, no UI feedback displaying infused amount. Important to have on the shareable token detail

Please see our notion kanban for more elaborate details on our immediate and some near future tasks (if we are granted permission to continue building).

Proposed Compensation

This compensation estimate gives the R-group expectations for future payment upon delivery of this followup work.

The following numbers are reasonable and conservative based on a few considerations—

  1. Market-based flat-rate, a common practice for design agencies and freelance roles

  2. Calibre and delivery of follow-up

  3. Estimate is subject to minor adjustments based on perceived scope

Scope Estimate (Approx 4 Weeks)
Scope + Market Flat rate equivalent $4,500

Payable upon completion of work.

Address: 0x3b5EDe9A5652a9fb3C467fA2AfFF37E3736722C4 / (lootsoot.eth)


Looks good to me – stoked for this. :fire:


Some very very nice additions that address specific user feedback / issues or missing features!!


Excited to see this proposal to build out hyperVIBES!

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