Proposal to create Souldev Network


We propose to fund the development of the Souldev Network for the Rarible & Rarible Protocol. Souldev Network - web3 marketplace where people and companies can create and manage decentralized avatars.

Problem / Opportunity

To capture the full picture, we interviewed recruiters from major blockchain companies and studied user problems. The analysis of this data has brought out a number of important problems:

  • It is costly and time consuming to find a good employee despite the fact there are many HR officers, platforms and applications.
  • Companies pay money to post a vacant position on a platform leading to an event when nobody is hired.
  • Platforms that store information about companies and employees may close down or delete all the data about its users. As a result, individuals and companies can lose important information about themselves and the connections they have made.
  • To create a hackathon, many funds are required for everyone in this process: for accelerators, for businesses, for funds. This also takes a considerable amount of time.

What it does

So we had an idea of creating a home for Avatars with their soul - Soulbound Token. Both companies and individuals can create an Avatar and:

  • Write information about themselves on blockchain. May create their CV and enrich it using data from achievements on our platform. Due to the fact that this data is stored on the blockchain, it’s certain that everything written there will never be deleted. In addition, people’s accomplishments will confirm their qualifications.
  • Organizations can post job openings for all Avatars (SBT job opening). Once an individual passes the interview and is hired, the company sends SBT and pays a reward them using a smart contracts for their personal information that is written in the CV.
  • Create an automated hackathon without any coding skills. Anyone can build their own hackathon in a matter of hours. All you have to do is fill out the form, mint an SBTs - cups and lock the prize reward into a smart contract.

Team Members

VINOGRADOV DANILA. Business Development / Full-stack developer

VLADIMIR NOVIKOV. Blockchain engineer

AGIBALOV SERGEI. Back-end Developer

MATROSOV ARTEM. Front-end / Back-end Developer

ANDREY ZHIZHELEV. Blockchain engineer

MAKSIM BOIKOV. Back-end Developer


  • Created our own hack with partners: Rarible, P2P, Curve, Zerion, Mytes().
  • Took 10 interviews with recruiters and founders.
  • Explored examples of investing in talent. Advisor support and communication with venture investors.

Funding Milestones

  1. Milestone 1:
    Creation of a ready-made prototype in the testnet. Implementation on many blockchains(draft version).
    We already have a working Souldev Network prototype in Goerli:
    Contracts: Souldev network · GitHub

  2. Milestone 2:
    Souldev Network V0: creating an avatar for a company and a person, posting a job opening. Working version on testnet.

  3. Milestone 3:
    Souldev Network V1: creating hackathons without code, creating a company and person avatar, posting a vacancy, a full cycle of interviews for recruiting.

  4. Milestone 4:
    Creation of a common hackathon.
    Posting job openings and searching for candidates.

We consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to our team.

Total Payments

The total amount that would be needed for the implementation of the proposed idea equals $70,000. This amount will be divided between the milestones as follows:

  1. Milestone 1: $8,000 upfront to pay for hiring, $2,000 upon completion of the Milestone 1;
  2. Milestone 2: $10,000 upfront, $10,000 upon completion of the Milestone 2;
  3. Milestone 3: $10,000 upfront, $10,000 upon completion of the Milestone 3.
  4. Milestone 4: $10,000 upfront, $10,000 upon completion of the Milestone 4.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address:

The contact person for this project will be Vinogradov Danila.

Contact information:

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to cover the payments to the team members and the expenses for tools and services that the team would need during the implementation. We will provide a detailed report on the use of funds upon request.


Our project will attend weekly community calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress. In the event that we can’t fulfill our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Rarible communication channels.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

Using the Souldev Network will allow:

  • to solve all the problems listed above;
  • to increase Rarible audience;
  • to earn profit for Rarible DAO;
  • to increase the value of the RARI token.