Proposal to become the Creative Lead for the Rarible DAO


I would like to continue my role as Creative Lead, as a full-time contributor to the Rarible DAO.


The DAO is taking form and as I am building the brand foundation since almost two months back, I see many creative possibilities for the protocol and its products. Leading the creative vision for the overall brand is one thing, but I have also noted where we need creative branding and storytelling skills for our internal and external projects, programs, and grants. As we should ship products and services in a consistent manner to earn the trust of our users, these shipments should be crisp and creatively inspiring for everyone looking. We have an opportunity to create an intense and profound emotional connection with other builders, and for this, we need a coherent creative vision and execution.

I look forward to continuing my work as a brand builder in-house and promise to build strong creative foundations for our brands.

We have already started to construct an interconnected marketing team, and upon entering the DAO officially, I would like to:

/Build a creative brand team
/Expand the creative DAO environment for iterative experimentation
/Build a creative branding hub for our products to be filtered through
/Build consecutive creative DNAs for our upcoming events 2022
/Ensure brand growth by constant creative brand story development

About me:
I am an artist and storyteller. Philosopher and property investor. Also, for the past 20 years, I happen to have developed brand identities and brand stories on four different continents, speaking five different languages. Both agency side as well as client-side. I will soon be finishing my third book (Swedish market) and when I don’t work or write, I am in my atelier painting big format artwork. After two hectic and intense decades of work and career, I now enjoy life at a slower pace on the Spanish south coast.

My specialty is all about brands in winds of change; from mergers and acquisitions and tech startups to disruptive industry innovation. I am used to driving creative change and direction, and regardless of whether it is about integrating cultural, technological, or generational changes, it always comes down to cultivating sustainable visions.

My international experience has provided me with multiple 4D perspectives and in 2016 I was asked by the Royal Swedish AD School FORSBERGS in Stockholm to build a creative course for professionals, teaching the art of storytelling. The course is ongoing to this day. I have worked with brands like Fortum, Imagination, ICA, Levi’s, and Stockholm Film Festival. One of my favorite work moments is when Skatteverket, the official Swedish tax authority, asked me to make “paying taxes into something fun”. Let’s just say I am up for challenges.

Within the crypto space, I have developed creative direction, brand stories, and content for MetaCartel, MetaFactory, SHIRTUM, and FLOC amongst others.

LinkedIn profile:
I try to use social media and social platforms, as little as possible.
Rana Eshtiagh#0750


I am asking to be compensated $ 12,5K USD per month for full-time work. I entered this position full-time on Dec 15th and ask to be compensated through retroactive payment from that date.

I understand that I am an independent contractor of the DAO and will be responsible for paying taxes on this amount.

Payments can be made to the following address:


Rana has been driving amazing work for the DAO naming and branding as well as other initiatives.


Rana has been doing an amazing job at the DAO. I support this proposal!

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