Proposal to become a Creative Contributor to Rarible DAO

I would like to become an ongoing creative contributor to Rarible DAO starting out with ~20hrs/week. I will engage in numerous projects across the DAO, including continued creation and management of the Forms PFPs, assistance within the Marketing Group and proposing and pursuing new creative projects.

I have already provided input on graphic design within the marketing team in preparation for ETH Denver and will continue to fulfil this role going forward with the hope of contributing in other ways in the future as well.

About Me:

I’m an autodidact and have previously worked across many different disciplines including music production, education, graphic and web design and copywriting. My skill set evolves and expands based on what is needed in any given project.

I have previously grown my own brand, ELPHNT, into a well known name within the music tech industry with over 70k YouTube subscribers. ELPHNT has built a reputation for high quality educational content, assisted by a strong visual aesthetic and I’m known for making complex topics simple and easy to understand.

I have been lightly involved in crypto since 2014 when I bought my first BTC, but I’ve gone (much) deeper down the rabbit hole since Jan 2021 when I began to shift my career focus towards NFTs and web3 under the Polyforms alias. Since then I have immersed myself in crypto and crypto culture and taught several workshops on what I’ve learned to help educate people about web3 and NFTs and how they can be used to empower creators.

Twitter: @polyforms_
Discord: mynameistom#2194 / Polyforms


I am asking to be compensated $4500 in USDC per month for part-time work. I understand that I am an independent contractor of the DAO and will be responsible for paying taxes on this amount. I began work on January 17, 2022 and would like to be compensated from that date.

Payments can be made to the following address: 0xae032C320811214fc4226f07f139a4618ec6a0E0


Tom has some really cool and unique ideas and has been awesome to work with. Easy “yes” from me on this. LFG. :fire: