Oamo Partnership Proposal


Oamo is a decentralized data broker that allows individuals to own and monetize their data while remaining anonymous. To fuel our data economy, we help companies find high quality leads based on off-chain and on-chain data, generate deep insights reports into their behavior, and target them with tailored offers directly via Oamo.

Our proposal looks to onboard the Rarible DAO as a launch partner for our upcoming Beta. We would require the Foundation to provide $5,000 in RARI in incentives to be distributed to Oamo users who share data anonymously with the Foundation. The Foundation would then be required to create an exclusive offer for incentivized users in the form of a giveaway, allowlist, or discount.

100% of the funds will be distributed to Rarible DAO’s target audience that meet its identified on-chain and off-chain behaviors.

Problem / Opportunity

Web3 organizations experience growth challenges as user behavior is split amongst multiple on-chain and off-chain data sources. On-chain data is fragmented across multiple wallet addresses with little to no relationship while there is no seamless way to attribute a user’s off-chain behavior (i.e. Twitter, Discord, Steam) to their wallets’ activity. There are no currently no tools to properly understand user behavior across all their major data sources.

Even if organizations can understand part of a user journey, their targeting stack remains limited to Web2 native strategies such as Twitter sponsored posts or email marketing. It makes it extremely difficult to reach their target audience and personalize promotions, leading to low conversion rates and low ROI for marketing campaigns.

To solve those issues, Oamo is building a platform that allows organizations to build relationships with their target audience to understand their on-chain and off-chain behavior and present them offers that meet their interests.

Here are the main components of Oamo’s solution:

Here are the main components of Oamo’s stack:

  • Decentralized identity (DID): Users can create their decentralized identity and connect their wallet addresses and social profiles. All data added to a user’s DID is encrypted and permissioned by the user. Once users connect their data sources, Oamo generates qualifiers based on their on-chain and off-chain behaviors. These qualifiers unlock opportunities for users to monetize their data anonymously via data pools.

  • Data Pools: Businesses can create data pools to acquire insights into the on-chain and off-chain behavior of their target audience. Users can opt-in to pools for which they have the required qualifiers and contribute data. Upon opt-in, users earn rewards while their data is aggregated and anonymized with all other pool participants to generate behavioral insights.

  • Campaigns: Businesses can send tailored promotions and surveys to data pool participants directly via Oamo’s messaging system. By using on-chain and off-chain criteria, businesses can guarantee that only high-quality leads that fit their target audience receive the offers. This benefits both users and businesses as users receive offers that match their interests, and businesses can target users who are more likely to convert.

Our proposal requests $5,000 in $RARI tokens to be used to fund a Rarible DAO data pool on Oamo.

We look to provide a solution to Rarible DAO to acquire high quality users, reward the loyalty of its community members, and understand the behavior of its target audience.

Funding Milestones and Payments

  • Phase 1: Oamo will gather Rarible DAO’s target audience requirements to provide preliminary insights reports based on available on-chain data. No payment required. Delivered by May 15th 2023.
  • Phase 2: Oamo will develop the on-chain and off-chain criteria required by Rarible DAO for its upcoming data pool. No payment required. Delivered by June 1st 2023.
  • Phase 3: Oamo onboard Rarible DAO as a Data Buyer on the platform. No payment required. Delivered by June 15th 2023.
  • Phase 4: Oamo will launch its Closed Beta and require Rarible DAO to launch its first data pool. $5,000 in $RARI funded by Rarible DAO directly to its data pool’s smart contract. Delivered by September 1st, 2023.

Total Payment: $5,000 in $RARI

Payment address: To be available once we have the data pool’s contract address

Use of Funds

100% of the funds will be distributed to Rarible DAO’s target audience via its data pool. Oamo will not retain any fees.

Business Model

Oamo will not charge any fees for its Beta. Thereafter in 2024, we plan on launching a SaaS model where organizations will be able to pay a monthly subscription to send offers to users in their data pools.

Team Members

Yannick Folla: CEO, ex-Figment

Ahmed Hadjeres: CTO, ex-Eventbrite

Khaled Bali: Engineer, ex-SSENSE

Jeffrey Rouleau: Engineer, ex-Kraken & Morgan Stanley

Marc-Aurèle Besner: Engineer, Smart contract engineer for over 2 years

Anh Le: Data Scientist, ex-Kraken

The contact person for this project will be Yannick Folla, his Telegram is @YFolla and Discord handle is YFolla#4734


Our project will attend community calls and share updates monthly via Rarible’s communication channels as we work toward our launch.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this

Oamo provides Rarible DAO a great way to learn more about about its community and target audience’s behaviors while preserving user privacy. It provides a way to share incentives directly with users who willingly participate instead of using 3rd-party analytics and ads platforms. It aims to drive Rarible DAO’s product growth and incentivize its community members’ loyalty.

Useful Links & Media

We’ll be sharing more content in the coming weeks as we get out of stealth but you can find our website at oamo.io.

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I think this is a good idea. The proposal looks good.

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The product is very interesting but I don’t see a clear benefit for the DAO. What problem is this solving for the DAO?

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Thank you for your comments @Firefly808 and @andreitr!

Regarding your question Andrei, we aim to solve a few problems:

  • Oamo will help the DAO understand the behavior and interests of its members and help identify new users that fit similar personas
  • Align incentives even further with its DAO members by rewarding those who help the DAO gain insights and build better products
  • Reach new users that have the right behaviors to be interested in joining and contributing to the DAO or using Rarible’s products
  • Sending personalized offers to DAO members for Rarible offering discounts and exclusive giveaways.

Hope this helps!

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I think this could be really useful for the continual marketing efforts of the DAO

One thing it’s contingent upon is the participation of others to bolster the overall network but the launch partners that have been mentioned are very strong!

Additionally, the asking price here is quite fair in my opinion.