Noah Ops Compensation Proposal

I am formally submitting my proposal to be compensated for Ops related duties. I have been paid for my work in August and September, and am seeking compensation for October and beyond.

About Me

My background is in finance and operations consulting. I studied economics, accounting, and technology management at UCSB. I worked for Deloitte and several venture backed startups including one that I cofounded. I joined Rarible DAO back in June and have been an active participant in meetings. I have also dedicated my time to organizing the DAO operations, onboarding flow, and handling various grant and treasury processes.

Proposed Duties

I am submitting my proposal to join the working group and contribute in the following ways:

  • External and Internal Proposal Reviews
  • Providing feedback to community members on structuring their grant proposals
  • Working with community members to submit and process their grant proposals
  • Tracking grant proposal outcomes and managing milestone based funding
  • Treasury management
  • Assisting in onboarding flows
  • Ad hoc ops related projects
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Accountability processes

In addition, I will participate in DAO meetings and be an active member to the community.


At least 15 hours/week for $4000 paid monthly to


Daily: I will continue to be an active participant ins Ops meetings, Weekly sync, and DAO calls where I will share what I have been working on.
Weekly: I will submit my SOW and EOW goals.
Monthly: I will take ownership of reporting for the Ops Working Group.

Contact Info