MintGate - Seeking Collabs for Polygon Deployment Initiative


We need the protocol deployed on an affordable EVM compatible chain, which several other projects and builders in the ecosystem have also expressed, in order to make meaningful headway on growth, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Problem / Opportunity

The protocol only exists on Ethereum mainnet, which is prohibitively expensive for NFT purchases under several hundreds of dollars. We need to be able to sell on a chain where an NFT ticket for $20-$30 doesn’t cost $400 in gas.

This is the number one blocker for us in making any NFT sales, and I’d bet it’s similar for many others using the protocol’s marketplace for buying and selling.

Funding Milestones and Payments

We are not looking for funding. This proposal is intended to bring together other builders and projects in the ecosystem that are facing this challenge to expedite the deployment of the protocol by supporting the Dev WG, Rarible dev team, or taking the lead to deploy these contracts independently if necessary.

If the DAO or Dev WG is in support of this initiative, the only funding required would be covering deployment costs onto the Polygon network.

Use of funds

Cover Polygon deployment costs

Business Model


Team Members

(Please leave a comment or DM in Discord to be added to the list)

  • MintGate team

Ideally, also seeking the Dev WG and Rarible dev teams for support, but any and all builders in the ecosystem are welcome.

The contact person for this project will be Luis Egea or Jonathan Dunlap. Their contact information is founders @ mintkudos. com and their Discord handles are Luis | MintGate#2818 and Jonathan | MintGate#9881


MintGate has been building on the protocol since early this year when it was still being built and tested. We’ve integrated nearly all major features of the protocol through the APIs, including lazy minting, royalties, token factories, buying, selling, and bidding, and we manually deployed our own version of the 1155 contract for lazy minting.

We also added support for token gating with lazy minted NFTs on our platform. My familiarity is largely with the token, lazy minting, and royalty contracts. I’ve primarily interacted with the exchange and other contracts through the APIs, but will begin digging into these deeply for the purposes of this initiative.


If we have Rarible DAO & Dev WG support, we can create a channel for communication on this initiative. Otherwise, we will create a group DM with all participants and a channel in the MintGate Discord.

We will have a weekly call with all participants to address priorities for deployment and all members will participate in the Friday Rarible dev call for additional sync with the Rarible dev team to ensure goals are aligned and targets are on point.

Blockers currently expressed for Polygon deployment in recent dev call (11/5/21) by Eugene:

From just a technical perspective, what are the challenges with deploying the protocol contracts as they are today onto Polygon?

Indexer and sdk are the only concerns:


  • want to give user better experience and is the biggest blocker
  • want users to exectute txns without logging out Eth and onto poly
  • meta txns can be done to solve this
  • meta txns are supported in the contract


  • union service side concerns
  • w/ flow or tezos, the easy thing is separate space for addresses; no intersection
  • w/polygon there is intersection between user addresses on poly and Eth but each chain has unique contract address and it needs a way to differentiate when transferring or indexing NFTs between chains for the same address

Why should Rarible DAO fund/support this?

This is will immediately benefit all projects building on the protocol because their users will be able to buy and sell NFTs at a cost that is not prohibitively expensive like it is on Ethereum mainnet.

Having the protocol exist on an affordable EVM chain allows for swift integration for teams that built on the protocol for Ethereum because it’s EVM compatible and the required updates are negligible compared to adding support for a new, non-EVM compatible chain like Tezos or Flow.

In our case, non-EVM compatible chains like these two could take weeks to properly support between proper token gating, wallet support, and smooth user flow for switching or onboarding. There is also the technical cost of building our platform’s primary service on a chain that we have little to no familiarity with, which leaves us further reliant on Rarible dev team or third party devs representing these chains for support. This is the opposite direction we would like to move toward as members of the ecosystem.

Useful Links & Media

Discord: MintGate