Marketing WG: Proposal to become Senior Growth Lead/Marketer


I would like to become a part-time Marketing WG contributor as a Senior Growth Marketeer. Dedicate around 15h-20h/week to the DAO.


Rarible Protocol DAO has strong ambitions, and currently as a scaling startup. The DAO is experiencing growth pains.

I would like to bring my experience as a Growth Marketer/Hacker to help execute the Marketing strategy from a technical point of view. And support the team with optimizing the funnel & identifying new channels and tactics to explore. Inorder to become one of the best DAO’s out there and also one of the most commonly used protocols in the NFT space cross chain.

I would like to start part-time first, before going 100% in. I believe with the 15-20h/week of my contribution should be sufficient to achieve already few good “wins” for the protocol & the DAO.

I suggest to take responsibility on next areas:

  • Finetune the content strategy and create solid content machine
  • Help with recruiting new WG members.
  • Take ownership on data & website
  • Lead the technical marketing and toolings
  • PPC & Ads management
  • Setup & Optimize the funnel
  • Identify new “hacks” and opportunities and setup experiments
  • Explore new techstack & optimize website, processes and discord.
  • Teach & guide other Marketing WG contributors

About me:
I have been working as Head of Growth / Chief of Growth / any other buzzword + growth for numerous companies and agencies in the EU, built and led teams. Got into crypto space professionally in 2018 on side gigs. I have always worked in more traditional industries fulltime and did crypto related projects on the side. My wife and I are very big into the NFT’s as collectors.

I am a strong believer that DAO is the future, and I would like to shift full-time in the near future. Currently based in GMT+1 timezone.

My linkedin profile
GrowthMentor Profile GrowthMentor
Discord Name: Antefex#4631


I am asking to be compensated 5600$ in RARI for the 15-20h/w. Which is within the guidelines for Senior Marketing Contributor.

Paid to following address: 0x4a7Ae7D2270510871A83b870ac6C63dFF6be78D4

I will report on weekly basis in discord #weekly-goals channel, monthly on the OKR’s and to the Lead.