Marketing WG: Proposal to become Rarible DAO Marketing Lead

Name: Jamie Davies

Working Group: Marketing


I would like to become the Marketing Lead for the Rarible DAO. Beginning a two-month trial on January 1 and transitioning to become a full-time contributor to the Marketing WG on March 1.


The Rarible DAO has a strong offering and is beginning to grow and scale, particularly through the launch of the Rarible DAO Protocol in August 2021. Now it’s important to leverage marketing to build the DAO’s brand and spread the word among its target segments in the Web3 community: developers, builders, studios, and other DAO-curious entities. We need to position the Rarible DAO as the type of place that attracts the best & brightest in the Web3 space.

I bring a strong mix of experience as a brand builder, cross-functional marketing leader and entrepreneur. And I believe that mix is well-suited to lead the DAO’s marketing efforts and help build the type of brand that is seen as best-in-class within the Web3 space.

Immediately upon starting, I would recommend three work streams (some components of which are already in motion):

  1. Define and activate the DAO’s brand foundation: mission, positioning, name, logo, voice, brand guidelines and design standards

  2. Build the go-to-market plan for 2022 and begin executing tactics.

  3. Define the appropriate team structure and begin sourcing the right people/agencies to fill the roles within that structure.

***Note I recommend starting work on all three items in parallel as it’s important to begin executing GTM tactics early in 2022.

About me:

I have 20 years of experience leading marketing at multiple Fortune 500 companies including Samsung, Verizon, Xbox (Microsoft) and Gatorade (PepsiCo). All of these roles involved leading large teams, partnering with best-in-class freelancers and agencies, and collaborating cross-functionally to ensure that all marketing initiatives were executed from the brand’s foundation. I led the B2B marketing for Verizon 5G – with the objective being to attract companies and municipalities to innovate on our network. I’ve led the cross-functional marketing of multiple digital D2C products including Samsung Pay and Verizon 5G Home. And I’ve been responsible for building and managing large brands in all of my roles.

In 2019 I left the corporate world to develop my own basketball simulation game, Geeked-Out Basketball Simulator. I launched the genesis version on iOS and Google Play on November 9, 2021. During game development I dove deep into the culture of NFTs and the metaverse as they are foundational to the future of gaming. Now that the game is launched, I’m moving it into “hobby mode” and I am committed to begin a full-time role with an organization that benefits from my unique mix of brand marketing experience + entrepreneurship + understanding of NFT culture. I’ve also been investing in crypto since 2018 and have been mining BTC with a business partner since early 2021.

LinkedIn profile: Jamie Davies - Head of Marketing / Fractional CMO - Idea-Led Marketing Consultancy | LinkedIn

Discord: Jamie_D #7740


I am asking to be compensated $19,500 in RARI per month for full-time work. I understand that I am an independent contractor of the DAO and will be responsible for paying taxes on this amount. I began work on January 1, 2022 with compensation starting from that date.

Payments can be made to the following address: 0x09A272C9d2830Be20Df12776014831460379C5Bf


Jamie has been a very valuable source in the brand work and is an unbeatable sparring partner for when things get real.


I’m sure Jamie will be an amazing leader to the Marketing WG. I support this proposal!

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I believe this could be worthwhile. However, it doesn’t make sense to reward “dollar” amounts in $RARI tokens.

Instead, I propose a fixed number of tokens (example 1500 tokens), deposited into a secure wallet, monthly. However, this wallet should be vested, with a monthly release schedule as follows:

First month, release 30% of his monthly pay. Second month, release 50% of his monthly pay. Third month, 70%… etc.

I hope everyone understands the pitfalls of “payment first, work later”. It demotivates staying long-term to fuel the project’s growth.

Employees can take the tokens, dump, and exit. With no legal recourse. (Not saying you’ll do that, but we need proof of work).

That being said, your credentials sound impressive. I’m new here, so excuse me. In this situation, who will give the interview/verify his identity?

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