Marketing WG: Proposal to become a full-time contributor to the Marketing WG

Name: Mariana C. Sanchez

Working Group: Marketing


I have been an active contributor to the DAO’s Communications and Marketing working groups for the past 6 weeks, and have currently been dedicating 15-20h a week to the DAO’s activities. I would like to propose becoming a full-time contributor, to increase the value and volume of my duties and responsibilities towards the Rarible protocol, and to dedicate more time and effort towards the DAO fulfilling its ambitious plan of growing exponentially in the months ahead.


The DAO’s growth ambitions will require the full-time dedication of a selection of its members, including members within the Marketing working group. This is to ensure the efficient and effective execution of the workload demanded by the established targets, including, but not limited to participation in the strategic planning activities, content creation, and the implementation of roadmaps through action plans.

My proposal is to become a full-time contributor to the DAO, dedicating 40h/week starting from October/2021 to meet the Marketing WG’s demand and, ultimately, the DAO’s growth ambitions. My proposition is to assume responsibilies and perform duties applicable to the development and improvement of the Content Strategy, under the guidance of the Creative Director; with accompanying duties being content creation and process development.

About Me

Current Qualifications: I possess a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Berklee College of Music, (Boston, MA, USA), having performed in multiple venues around the US and Brazil; a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Faculdade de Oswaldo Cruz (São Paulo, Brazil), previously working for Phillips Ltd. in the area of Customer Experience and Consumer Care, and also a Diploma in Finance from Centro Universitario Sanac (São Paulo, Brazil)

As a well-rounded individual, with diverse competencies and holistic experience both within the artistic realm, as well as in the corporate space, my experience includes: the co-management of customer journey and customer experience improvement projects, participation in marketing persona creation and market research projects, and the co-management of process optimization projects.

My current contributions to the Rarible DAO include:

  • Co-creation of a content calendar;
  • Creation and rollout of a targeted survey, designed to better understand the demands of our current audience and improve our content strategy;
  • Active participation in the working groups meeting, bringing ideas that were already implemented in the DAO’s content strategy;
  • Creation of posts and threads to the DAO’s twitter account, as well as proactive engagement with other posts/accounts;
  • NFT news curation for the governance calls and newsletters.

As a personal project, I’ve currently been creating video content on my YouTube channel “Create. Discover. Invest.” with the mission to educate, inform and onboard creators to the NFT and Web3 spaces.

A detailed overview of my professional experiences and current projects could be found in the links included below, in the “Useful Links & Media” section.

Useful Links & Media

Personal website, where you can find some of my current personal projects: Here

LinkedIn: Here

Discord: marianasanchez | CDI#0156


My proposal is to be compensated with $5000 a month (to be paid in RARI equivalent or DAI). This amount is based on the current compensation guidelines (Here) for Middle Comms/Marketing employees.


I will report my weekly activities and their current statuses on a weekly basis on the #weekly-goals channel on Discord, as well as personal KPIs to be determined in conjunction with the team.

I am currently working to acquire more certifications in digital marketing and project management, and will commit to updating all members of the community on my academic progression.


Mariana has been doing great work. I support this proposal.

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