MagicMint Compensation Proposal


The act of minting an NFT in essence is writing some data on the blockchain which requires a fee to the network for providing computational power and storage for your data. The fees these days with the high network usage and the scaling solutions being a “a work in progress” can be substantial.

This can be a discouraging fact for the creators who may get second thoughts about creating NFTs who may not sell eventually and investing a bunch of money for something uncertain.

This brings up the questions, why and how to create an item without paying for the network fee at the time of the mint.

This problem is solved by introducing lazy minting that provides a way for a creator to create the NFT without paying for the transaction execution. The transaction is being executed at the moment when another user decides to buy or claim the NFT.

My contributions

  1. Designed the UI/UX of MagicMint marketing site: I worked alongside Stefan to create the lazy-mint and claim page for users to interact with the flow of the marketing page and to give it a high quality.
  2. Designed MagicMint application interface: I also designed the application interface for users to create and mint their NFTs to their specific addresses.

Proposed compensation

Magicmint Marketing Site: $500

Magicmint Application: $500

Total: $1000

This is the proposal for the first compensation of my contribution.

Total Compensation asked: $1000 paid in ETH.

Address: 0x352ca2026033eA95EBcd198D5F922184820D514F


nice work on the magic mint designs :fire:


I’m in support of moving this to snapshot! Will do soon if no one objects.


Great work, and this feels totally reasonable.