Magic Ball Funding application


Based on a white ball of the same shape and size, Magic Ball generates a total of 6666 NFTs on Rarible. At the time of purchase, every customer can receive a white NFT with a serial number, and can leave a message about the information he or she wants to load. We will automatically airdrop it to the wallet used at the time of purchase at the specified time.


We aim to make Magic Ball an IP, and make it available to more application scenarios to solve the problem of low Combination of NFT and DAO, so that the public can participate.

Funding Milestones and Payments:

Phase 1: Magic Ball website creation, Logo design, form collection tool, general NFT pattern, 1W USD. Sep. 10.

Phase 2: Magic Ball crowdfunding online data analysis & 6666 customized NFT designs, 2W USD. Nov.10.

Phase 3: Develop 3 to 4 ideas that combine NFT with Metaverse and poll in the community. Every holder who purchases NFT has the right to vote. After the vote is the corresponding development based on the results, 10 W USD. 2022, Feb. 14

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address::0xC3cca3BF9Ca8c79019Aa99859D8C783A292C8552

Use Of funds:

The funds will be used for the employment of designers, development and operation staffs with at least 20 hours per week for the project.

Business Model:

Each initial NFT sells for 0.05 ETH (excluding costs)

Gain profits for others’ creations after gaining popularity

Item consumption in meta-universe scenes

Tickets for virtual performances

IP authorization

Team Members:

Promoter: Iverson. Responsible for the overall framework, operation and copywriting of Macic Ball.

Designer: Jack. Responsible for the design of Logo, NFT and web UI.

Developer: Jonathan. Responsible for website production, data sorting, and follow-up development

For further information and cooperation, please contact Iverson and email to, Discord name is Iverson#1643

The team have worked together for about 6 months and jointly organized the offline conference, online live broadcast, product design and development of The Graph China community.


We discuss the projects in weekly community conference calls and provide updates on milestones progress. If we are unable to fulfill our promise, the funds will be sent back to Rarible DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure that updates are distributed through Rarible communication channels.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

After the project is launched, all NFTs will only be issued in Rarible. People who hold 500 RARI and above can get the NFT by paying Gas (only 50 people avilable), and give Rarible an official 30 NFT free quota.

The later meta-universe scene will show a series of Rarible Logos, etc.


Telegram:Telegram: Contact @magicball6666


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