Luke Spooner - Operations and Biz Dev


Inter group communication is presently expensive and slow. Also the present day process is not thorough enough in that tasks are dropped, neglected, or orphaned.

Governance is ad-hoc and unscalable. Treasury distribution is ad-hoc and unscalable.


We should all enjoy a cleaner and more intuitive interaction with each other. More focus on our work and passion projects and less on wandering around discord and wondering what to do.


I intend to consolidate and integrate information systems focused on coordination, governance, and incentives. I’m presenting a very rough roadmap, though I fully expect this to change as my understanding increases and the DAO modifies.

Stage 1 - 0-6 months

  • Create Click-Up project management process and tooling focused on a customer ticket to a delivered solution.
  • Merge/Connect Marketing, BizDev, and Dev Rel to a common database and CRM.
  • Specify novel commission structure for organically spreading commission throughout the DAO ecosystem.

Stage 2 - 2-6 months

  • Add Wayfair incentive discord bot. Tie into Project management system.
  • Add a bounty system, managed manually.
  • Create standard DAO Node with its needed tools: bounty board, comm channels, internal governance, etc.

Stage 3 - 5-12 months

  • Migrate DAO into template structures
  • Integrate pre-existing governance tools to move compensation, bounties, and governance incentives into blockchain contracts.

Outcome Requirements

Every working group in the Rarible DAO will have the same external hooks and tooling making coordinating between working spaces fluid. Internal systems are completely up to each working group. Additionally the general feeling of participants is that incentive structures are incentivising pro-social and productive behavior. Working game theory optimal at this DAO is also pleasant and cooperative.

Failure Conditions

Divergent systems. Fracturing groups. Mob rule. DAO becomes cancerous and bloated. DAO is infected with a dark triad personality.

Responsible Parties

Luke Spooner is responsible for all of this, though I suspect that these projects are large enough that I will need to solicit additional project based funding, contractors, and coordinate assistance from other working groups.


140k/year for 30hrs a week on operations and 20hrs a week on Biz Dev.