LootSoot — HyperVibes Phase I Comp

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This proposal marks the beginning of formalising my contribution to the working R group at Rarible DAO by retroactively proposing compensation to phase I of HyperVIBES.*

HyperVIBES was materialized out of a fever dream—to explore unchartered territories and challenge the boundaries/status quo of NFT platforms. It is a proof-of-concept to empower users with the freedom to get boldly creative with their own NFT projects, thereby throwing open the floodgates to a cosmos of possibilities within the web3 ecosystem.

See the [scope section] for a general overview of work contributed thus far or [skip to the Rationale section to learn a little more about my background]

*Note: I understand this is a special case discussed with some team members; in the future, I will be making proposals ahead of time to avoid retroactive payments.

Future Contribution (HyperVIBES & Other Projects)

This section is purely for full disclosure and transparency to the R group and the DAO.

Though this specific proposal is only for retroactive payment for phase I of HyperVIBES, it also potentially signals continuing contribution towards the success of HyperVIBES and other projects within the R Group.

After this proposal, there will no further cases of retro payment,; Moving forward, my future contribution will require approval ahead of time—

  1. If I choose to continue to contribute on a per-project (part-time) basis, I will write a new proposal per these standard guidelines: [R Group Basics]
  2. If the R Group realizes the absolute need to transition my contribution to full-time, I will write another proposal to kick off as a prospective member (via 2-month trial) per these standard guidelines: [R Group Basics]

Scope & Contributions to HyperVIBES Phase I

As the sole designer of HyperVIBES, I wore many hats that would traditionally be assigned to respective designers (Brand & Visual, Product, UI/UX, Motion/Animation, Creative Direction)

At a high-level, Phase I, the MVP, was realized and executed in the same way I would any other design deliverable through these three exercises:

  1. Discovery and Research
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Detailed/Finalised Design
  • Visual communication and brand experience

    • Defining the visual language, look and feel
      • A solid week of explorations and multiple design directions to speak to a fresh perspective and narrative—Rejecting the tired cliché of Space, embracing the escher-like romance of discovering interdimensional unknowns
      • Logo & Logotype explorations
      • Type Treatment
      • Color Palette
      • 3D & 2D Artwork and animation
  • Landing Page/Website (Pre and Post App Launch)

    • Create an immersive, light yet digestible landing page to direct traffic to the HyperVIBES App
      • Interaction & Motion Design
      • Icons & Visuals
      • Coordination with front-end/full-stack engineer Zak to build and illiterate
      • Provide input on concise, engaging, yet comprehensible language/content strategy
  • HyperVibes Web App - MVP

    • Using Zak’s initial wireframes as a guiding light for a focused MVP, create a ux-friendly experience to accommodate these actions
      • Entering the experience and choosing their path
        • Create Realms
        • Infuse tokens
        • Claim tokens
      • Browse/Explore
        • Basic sharing
        • Viewing existing realms and NFTs within each realm
    • Define engaging experience w/o taking away from the utility
      • Error States
      • Confirmation
  • Misc

    • Marketing content & assets
  • Note that not all work/designs was executed for this Phase I due to team bandwidth and the need to keep scope focused as an MVP.

Proposed Compensation

The following numbers are reasonable and conservative based on two considerations—

  1. Market-competitive flat rate based on a multi-layered scope, expedited turnaround and 8+ years of experience in multiple design touchpoints


  1. Start-up Branding - see link in google doc

  2. UI/UX Cost - see link in google doc

  3. Website Design Cost - see link in google doc

  4. Calibre and delivery of Phase I MVP—the expedited work for a fairly polished proof-of-concept was comparable to that of a lead product designer - (see link in google doc)

Scope (Market-Base) Phase I (~4 weeks; Oct 19–Nov 16)
Visuals/ Brand Exp/ Artwork / Animation $2000
Landing Page Design $3300
App UI/UX $5500
Total $10,800

Total Compensation asked: $10,800 in ERC-20 stablecoins, (preferably ETH at the time this proposal was finished on Nov 18 at 9AM PST)

If paid in eth, ~2.7 ETH (Nov 18 9AM PST ETH at approx $4,000 according to CoinGecko)

Address: 0x3b5EDe9A5652a9fb3C467fA2AfFF37E3736722C4 / (lootsoot.eth)


  • I have over 7 years of relevant multi-disciplinary design experience shipping products across various touchpoints; These products range from physical consumer products to short films to digital experiences in tech. To name a few:
    • Designing curation and art direction at Flipboard
    • Executed various projects at Google within an embedded design agency R/GA
    • Defining safe-driving experiences for motorcycles/vehicles at a startup acquired by Honda
    • Launching LARQ, the self-cleaning water bottle (art direction, brand and film)
  • I’ve spent the last 7+ months working as a design lead (brand and product) at Boardroom, a governance platform (here is where I met the great Zak and Brandon)

lootsoot was truly an instrument part of making HyperVIBES a reality, the project would not have come together if it wasn’t for her role in the design, aesthetics, brainstorming sessions, and product direction!


hyperVIBES design is awesome and lootsoot seems awesome, too. I’ll pop this on snapshot tomorrow if there are no objections!


This is now posted to snapshot here.

Insanely talented, thoughtful, and an absolute blast to build with. HyperVIBES wouldn’t have hit even 10% as hard as it did without lootsoot driving the design vision.