How to contribute for DAO

So on the main community call we have newcomers everytime. And we meet & greet them. I wonder whould should be the path for finding your spot to contribute.
Whould we downstream people to the working groups?

Like the path for the dao to be:
1 - I joined discord
2 - I subscribed for a public calendar
3 - I joined the main community call
4 - I joined a WG public call
5 - I found a small task to contribute in a WG call

And then start building up from there to the higher engagement.
@Rarible We might incorporate call to actions on every part of that journey, like

  • regularly prompting people to sign up for the calendar
  • and join the community call
  • then join the WG call and
  • then on a WG call whenever something is might be done by somebody who’s listening prompting if we have a volunteer to do so

What are the forurm thoughts? Is some of that resonate?


I’m a newb @insider0x and appreciated this post. The Gitbook Rarible Protocol DAO docs could have contributor info too - atm they’re mainly tailored to an engineer persona.

I think this is a great suggestion! Things I think we need to make this happen:

  • A single place with links to each of these actions: join discord, subscribe to calendar, etc. (maybe should be
  • Make short updates from each working group, where new people can learn what each group is roughly up to and how they can get involved, part of a weekly call (maybe what is currently labeled the governance call?)
  • Make sure each WG has a discord channel and a weekly call that are easy to find

Who would be right people to do those things? Or who might be interested? Other thoughts?

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