Granting Governance Power to the Rarible DAO Community

RARI is the governance token of the Rarible Protocol and associated DAO. Over the last nearly 12 months, a really strong community has formed (see discord!), and progress is increasing by the week. The goal of this community is to increase the adoption of the Rarible Protocol, as well as return value to RARI holders in other ways such as distributing grants to other projects, and building NFT projects in-house.

However, there is currently very little community representation of this community at a governance level. Almost every person in the DAO who has been paid in RARI has had to convert their RARI to fiat eventually (people need to eat!).

This proposal is asking for 35K RARI in order to give our community a voice at the governance level. 100% of these tokens will be kept in a ⅗ Multisig, controlled by the following community members:

  • Eric Arsenault
  • Ezra Weller
  • Sarmad Ahmad
  • Maria Sanchez
  • Brandon Valosek

Over time, we are expecting that key contributors to the community will own a larger share of governance tokens in order to align incentives and ensure we retain talent. Once this program is created and approved by the DAO, 100% of these funds will be returned to the parent Rarible DAO. These funds are an interim solution to give our community a voice, and allow us to move more quickly.

The community will use our own internal governance process to determine if we should support proposals that are proposed to Rarible DAO, and execute according to the wishes of this community (see diagram below):


Thanks for proposing this Eric,

I think this is a really useful interim solution - before larger governance and ownership things are addressed.

Seems like loads of upside but little downside.


I think this is a great idea and a super important part of Rarible DAO’s long term sustainability.

Proposed updates to this proposal:

  1. Reduce the amount to 20K RARI
  2. Also allocate 20K RARI to Alex and to Alexei (interestingly enough, they also don’t have representation in the DAO!) - these funds will also be returned to the parent DAO once tokens are issued to stakeholders.

Giving Alex / Alexei governance power will have an additional benefit of allowing up to put all proposals up for vote. Currently, there is a certain bottleneck around proposals, with me (Eric), being the middleman trying to block proposals that they might not support. I see this as a big win.


FOR this updated proposal