[Grant Proposal] Rarible Plugin for biggest No-Code platform

Yes you read that right, No-Code, it is a big thing now, and really big projects are being built with it.

Let me shortly introduce you to this no-code platform just so you know why I see so much perspective in this plugin (We are not affiliated with Bubble).
Bubble.io is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products. It is flexible, with many unique features such as customizable backend API, database, and database API, all without code!

The main tool that Bubble has, is plugins (similar to WordPress plugins), a plugin can be paid or free, you can add new powerful features to your app with them.


We are working on Bubble for more than 2 years now and we are active on their forum, we see very often questions about NFT marketplace, how they can build one, to be able to mint, place a bid and sell their tokens.
So we decided that Rarible Protocol plugin would be the best fit here.
We already have a plugin that allows users to interact with smart contracts and connect MetaMask, (it has become very popular in a short period)

The Rarible plugin will be for free! With all the features available in the API
It will bring immense interest in Rarible itself, how it works, and how to integrate it.

Funding Milestones and Payments

We already started to build this plugin.
A demo page working on the Ropsten testnet will be done soon.

List of already working features

  • Phase 1 $5000:
    Plugin deployment with current main features (see list above)
    Demo pages.
  • Phase 2 $5000:
    Adding the rest of Rarible Protocol features.
    Plugin documentation page.

Total payment: $10,000 USD equivalent in RARI ($2K upfront for the already working features, $3K upon completion of Phase 1, $5K upon completion of Phase 2)

Timeline: ~2 weeks (considering the plugin is already half done), full completion end of September.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address:

Use of funds

50% Plugin development, demo pages, and documentation.
50% Future plugin support (bug fixes, improvements, and helping users on the forum which is time-consuming).


We plan to actively answer any questions on the plugin forum thread as well as in Discord and help users integrate it into their app.
We will provide links to the plugin, demo page and forum thread as soon as it will be deployed.

About us

We are https://ezcode.co/, a small team located in Eastern Europe.
We provide services for clients and building templates and plugins on Bubble for 3 years now.
See our portfolio.

You can contact our developer directly: ezcodeco@gmail.com
Mostly we are active on Bubble forum

Why should the Rarible DAO fund this?

  • The main focus of this plugin is to expand Rarible Protocol to new users that want to build something without the need to be web developers, it opens many doors to a lot of people.
  • Expanding the Rarible platform use-case
  • New NFT Marketplaces built based on Rarible Protocol
  • Flux of new users on the main platform (free plugin attracts people interest)
  • Making the plugin free will attract even more people that want to build an MVP, an app prototype or a small microservice, that way they will discover what Rarible is and how it works.

Useful Links & Media


well crafted proposal!

I’m a fan of this direction and support this.


I can see the potential here. Thanks for your proposal!


Great proposal! Is there a discord handle we can add to your contact info?

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Ahh yes, I forgot to add it in the description.


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Hey everyone, small update here.
First of all thanks for voting!

A demo page on Bubble is already available, the plugin is not yet deployed to the public, but it can be used on the demo page already.


In this demo, you can do a lazy mint of an ERC721 token.
You can see how this page works from the inside, click on App Editor View

Working now on more complex demo pages to show other plugin features.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Stumbled here while researching the Rarible protocol for an app I am looking to build on Bubble. Had no idea someone was working on a plugin. This is phenomenal! Any idea when you’ll be ready to deploy to the public? Happy to serve as a beta tester :joy:


The first project is already being built with the Rarible Plugin
(It is a client that uses a private beta version of the plugin)

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I’m really excited to announce that the first version of the plugin is now Published and is available for everyone!

Find all available demo pages here:

We are working on documentation and more demo pages now.

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I’m very glad to announce that we are finishing the last Phase 2.


In short about the plugin:

First of all, the SDK at the moment of building the plugin was not ready to use in the browser as a .js file, so we did a custom version.

You can find it on Github

GitHub - TheAlexandru/rarible_protocol_sdk_browser: Not official, for testing purposes only.

All working features
  • ERC721 and ERC1155 supported
  • Mint
  • Lazy Mint
  • Create Order (Sell, Bid)
  • Accept Bid
  • Buy item
  • Transfer
    (Can transfer many at once for ERC1155 )
  • Cancel Order
  • Burn
All Plugin Events

All Plugin States

Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 19.45.39

New demo pages:

A thread on Bubble forum to discuss any further updates or issues.

And finally, an entire NFT Marketplace (still in beta) is being built with this plugin.

The work on the plugin does not stop here, thought. We are in contact with SDK devs about some known issues and further updates.

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This is great work! How can the DAO help you with distribution? This tool is extremely valuable and I want to make sure to help people get a ton of use out of it!