Grant Proposal Process

How to submit your proposal

High level process

  1. Write out proposal and post in forum or in private submission link
  2. Grants team reviews proposal
  3. You’ll get feedback through Forum or Discord
    • You may be asked to present your idea as a small pitch to the Grants team)
  4. At this stage you will either
    • Have a proposal posted on Snapshot
    • Or be told you that there is no interest for a grant

1) Come up with an idea!

Detailed Process

Got an idea or a project that needs funding? Great!

Ask members of the Rarible community, and see what they think. You don’t need a polished proposal at this stage. There is a #dao-proposals channel in Discord which is a good place to get feedback.

2) Create your proposal

Before you post in the forum, make sure you create a draft proposal to get feedback from some community members. A template can be found here: Proposal Template . Please try to minimize formatting so that it can paste nicely in Snapshot.

Format your proposal for readability in a forum and/ or in your google doc. Better formatting also allows us to capture most of your proposal in Snapshot when it comes time to vote.

Once you’ve gotten it reviewed, you have two options to post your proposal:

  1. Public submission - Post in the Grant Proposal Category in this forum. This is for teams that are building out in public and want to share their project with the DAO and community at large.

  2. Private submission - Use the private submission form to submit your proposal. This process is for teams that are still in stealth or would prefer some description until they are ready to share the project publically.

In addition, please make sure to share in the Discord! A good channel to share your proposal in is in #dao-proposals.

3) Proposal Review

We have a weekly Grant proposal review call on Friday and will get in touch with you to get you to present your proposal to some of our community members.

If the idea is feasible, and we see there is interest from the community, the proposal will pass to snapshot. Below are some requirements before it achieves this milestone:

  • The proposal should be technically feasible
  • The proposal should have been reviewed during the Grant proposal review call
  • The proposal should follow all of the recommendations in the Proposal Template

Here are guidelines we will be referring to when reviewing the proposals:

  • We will be considerate of new projects and understand you may not have much detail to show us, and therefore we will be judging you and your team’s on your prior experience and ability to deliver
  • Higher funding amount requests ($50,000+) will require more detail from your team and we will be stricter in our review
    • Funding plan - Are you finding other sources of funding and income to continue building your project?
    • Roadmap - Do you have a roadmap beyond your grant fund request to showcase the growth of your project? Is that roadmap feasible?
    • Business model - If your aim is to run a profitable business, how will you eventually earn revenue?
    • Investor pitch deck - A deck that summarizes the above information and gives us a complete picture of your
  • We prefer milestone-based payments as we believe it provides the right incentive for teams to build; however, the funding format is flexible depending on the project (e.g. upfront, quarter etc.)
    • Any new project and teams will be defaulted to milestone based funding for accountability

4) The proposal is posted in Snapshot

Proposals will be posted in Snapshot in the Grants Working Group Snapshot.

  • The proposal will be posted for 5 days
  • The proposal will have Vote FOR, Vote AGAINST, and Abstain options
  • The proposal will include the copy from the forum post, as well as a link to the original forum post

5) Vote

The Granting Working Group votes in Snapshot.

6) Execution

If the proposal passes (votes FOR > votes AGAINST), steps are taken to execute the proposal via the Grants Working Group multisig.


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