[Grant Proposal] Making the No-Code Rarible SDK multi-chain

Our previous proposal was successfully accepted and the plugin was delivered with great success.

:white_check_mark: The plugin has over 500+ installs so far.

:white_check_mark: Providing support on plugin’s forum thread, users are actively posting feedback for potential improvements or bug reports.

:white_check_mark: First marketplace that uses the plugin was already deployed for beta testing.

:white_check_mark: Users are posting good reviews


You can find the at the bottom of the plugin page.

It is time to make this plugin even better.
As you know, the Rarible SDK now supports Flow and Tezos blockchain.
We want to implement it in the plugin making it multi-chain.

Currently, the Rarible SDK team is still in active work to implement those chains in the SDK and write the documentation, but we want to be ready, and some features can be already integrated into the plugin.

Funding Milestones and Payments

The work on this will start in a few weeks when the SDK will be fully ready to be used on new chains.

1 Milestone that will include:

  • Make the plugin work with all newly added chains. (Tezos, Flow, Polygon etc.)

  • Add more API calls and make them and the old ones flexible to be used on any chain.

  • Update plugin documentation

  • Update all demo pages to be able to connect other wallets for other blockchains.

  • Provide support for users

Total payment: $4000 (equivalent in RARI, all sum being paid upon completion of the milestone 1)

Timeline: Roughly 2 weeks. As mentioned, the work will begin as soon as the SDK will be ready.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address:

Use of funds

50% Plugin, documentation, and demo pages update.
50% Future plugin support (bug fixes, improvements, and making minor updates).


We inform users about new features and how to use them on the plugin forum, answering questions and fixing potential bugs.
We are in close contact with the SDK developers and will make any changes if it will be required for further new versions of the SDK.

Plugin updates history shows how we actively work on it even after closing the grant

Useful Links & Media


The team has done a fantastic job with the first plugin and this would make it even more valuable for the growing community of no code developers worldwide who are looking for the best of breed and lowest barrier solutions for their NFT projects. A worthwhile grant to consider!


Hi @EzAndrew,

We have posted your proposal for a vote on Snapshot:


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Hi @EzAndrew,

Your proposal has been approved. Please contact me or @Noah when you have completed the updates for your payment.

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I wasn’t aware it includes Polygon as well, though I said from the beginning it would be extremely useful. Happy to find out that, great news then!

Update here

I have started working on this proposal (as described, I was waiting when the SDK will be ready to be implemented since it is changing constantly)

  • :white_check_mark: The plugin now works completely with the new “union SDK” (switched from the old SDK).
  • :white_check_mark: Polygon
  • :white_check_mark: Polygon Mumbai

I’m now stuck with a few issues that I’m waiting for a response from the team: