[Grant Proposal] DAOfront

Problem / Opportunity

It is time-consuming and non-scalable to record financials for Rarible DAO. Currently, a few members of the Ops team handle most of this, taking up a lot of time and effort. I would like to develop a product to completely replace this manual tracking of transactions, and in the process, allow working groups to forecast and budget their resources more effectively. I believe that by solving this core problem, this product will be useful for other DAOs.

Product Demo

We already started working on this. Here’s a short demo:


Next Quarter Targets:

  • Building and deploying Version 1
  • Onboarding the core team
  • Work closely with the core team to iterate and continue adding/removing features

Total Payment: $100K upfront

Wallet Address: 0xe9b91028d659E1A2D8931Bf3b56Aac324D516865

Use of funds

Funds will be used to hire an engineer and pay myself to go full-time on this project. Here’s a short breakdown:

  • ~70% of the funds will go towards hiring ($70K/year for a full-time SWE)
  • ~20% will go towards paying myself to go full-time
  • ~10% extra costs (software costs, documentation, improvements, hiring contractors and helping users on the forum which is time-consuming)

Team Members

  • Arnav Bathla: Founder
  • Founding engineer (currently hiring)

The contact person for this project will be Arnav. Their contact information is arnavbathla20 [at] gmail [dot] com and their Discord handle is arnavb.eth#3253

Past projects include launching a passwordless crypto wallet (one of the top products of the day on Product Hunt), NFT marketplace for creators, and winning Techstars Startup Weekend.


We will attend relevant weekly community calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress.

We would love to have the core team (and the community) engage in the progress of the project and provide feedback as we’ll work closely to make sure it helps Rarible scale.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

  • Help set an industry standard for DAO infrastructure while getting personal support.
  • Remove friction in terms of tracking the flow of funds, which enhances the entire ecosystem. This will (potentially) save thousands of hours that can be spent on manual bookkeeping.
  • Scale responsibly and faster.
  • Avoid contributor churn and wasting time manually inputting data.
  • Make plans for the DAO by knowing future burn and forecasting.
  • Better transparency on the flow of funds
  • In exchange for funding of 100K, Rarible DAO may be gifted tokens or ownership in DAOfront in return

Useful Links & Media

Here’s a link to the landing page

Looks like the loom video doesn’t have open access!

I think it should work now:)

@arnavbathla20 the link still doesn’t work. Can you share more about what you are proposing? Would this be non-web3/proprietary software to track enterprise financials for a DAO, and therefore DAO-agnostic? Or is this a means to utilize the protocol itself to allocate expenditures/etc over time?

Hey @santi
Great question! In the context of this post, we want to help Rarible for now and go from there.

Hi @arnavbathla20

This proposal has been approved. Would love to have you have on our community calls to provide updates on your progress.

Can you also engage @Noah and myself on the Ops team as you build out the product so we can make sure the features suit our internal needs.

Additionally, I encourage you to use the Working Group general chat on Discord to post updates about your progress.